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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games!

With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games

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Community Spotlight: How to Create a Warpath Army List Using Battlescribe

New Pathfinder Ben Alexander Edwards introduces Battlescribe and talks through the recently added Warpath lists, so you can create your army on the move! Or pretend you’re busy while at work, when in fact you’re on the computer creating a new unstoppable force… What is ‘Battlescribe’? Battlescribe is an army list tool for tabletop wargamers, and one of the best I have found for list building. While most other list tools are online web apps, Battlescribe has the benefit of working on Android and iOS, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. To top it all off, it can be linked to a Dropbox account to keep all your lists synced between devices! Have you ever been on your PC creating the most dastardly list imaginable but nature calls? No problem! Just save, grab your phone, and crack on. I’m intrigued, sir. Tell me more. To create lists, you’ll first need to download the app (Android / iOS) or programme (Windows / Mac / Linux). When you open the app (or ‘Roster Editor’ for non-mobile), you will be prompted to search for data files, meaning the gaming system and list files for whichever game you are looking to play. Just [...]

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Event Report: NADC – DC/DC 3

Sunday July 23rd was the glorious return of the North American DreadBall Circuit’s Eastern Conference – The DC*DC.  Held at Victory Comics in Falls Church Virginia, the third annual ‘District of Columbia DreadBall Cup’ was distinct from previous iterations.  Resting between first and second editions of the greatest sporting spectacle in the galaxy, the DC*DC was structured under a unique format – ‘Zero to Hero.’ Coaches were given the following directive: While the DreadBall Governing Body [DGB] are calibrating new rules and regulations, teams that have consistently under performed are tasked with developing their core attributes during the remainder of the 2017 NADC. Consequently, only the following teams may compete: a) Forge Fathers b) Martians c) Koris d) Zees e) Crystallan f) Judwan g) Mechanite Frustrated with the performance of their lineage, specific MVPs have offered their services as part of the 20 mc Coaches may spend on inducements: a) Forge Fathers = Gorim Ironstone [8mc] b) Martians = Supreme Leader*** [8mc] c) Koris = Kryphos [14mc] d) Zees = Riller [10mc] e) Crystallan = Crypt [12mc] f) Judwan = Mee-kel Judwan [12mc] g) Mechanite = Brute Force [8mc]*** Supreme Leader: Preferring to remain on the sidelines for the 2017 [...]

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Kings of War July Releases in Stores Now!

We’re pleased to announce that a fantastic selection of new Kings of War releases are now available in stores, just in time for the Edge of the Abyss global campaign. From new heroes, to giant monsters and useful accessories, there’s something  for everyone. The Edge of the Abyss global campaign – hosted by Beasts of War – starts on August 21st. Players will be able to decide the fate of Mantica, and the official map of the world will change depending upon the results. This is a fantastic opportunity for Kings of War fans to get involved and shape the future of the narrative. Edge of the Abyss Summer Campaign Supplement Edge of the Abyss is a global campaign that will see the map of Mantica change, depending upon whether good or evil triumphs on the battlefield. Inside you’ll also find brand new heroes (and short stories introducing those heroes), new units, formations and more to bring your games of Kings of War to life. The Battle of the Glades: Two Player Starter Set The perfect introduction to Kings of War, The Battle of the Glades includes starter armies for the evil Abyssals and mysterious Forces of Nature, along with [...]

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Tactics Tuesday: Playing Kings of War Competitively

In our latest Tactics Tuesday article, Kings of War Rules Committee member and tournament legend Dan King gives some guidance to playing Kings of War competitively against a new opponent. So you rock up to a game, this could be at your local club/shop or even at a tournament. You’ve never played your opponent before and you have no idea what their army does! What do you do? Welcome and Armies Well first up, be polite and friendly, say hello, and ask where they’re from, if they play much etc. A bit of chit-chat breaks the ice. Offer them a drink too, I personally find Mead to be an excellent choice, but that’s up to you. Ok, next up ask to go through each other’s armies, give your opponent a copy of your list (this is important), then offer to do yours first. Explain what each unit is and what it does, and if it has any Artefacts. It’s one thing being given a list, it’s completely different going through the army, as this helps cement who has what etc. It’s not really fun or fair if you beat an opponent because your unit has the Brew of Haste and [...]

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Kings of War Summer Campaign: Introduction to the Undead

In our continuing series, Hunter Bulkeley introduces you to the Kings of War factions taking part in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign. Today, he focuses on the decaying Undead. Who are the Undead? Like so much of magic, the origins of necromancy predate existing records. Mages debate whether it existed during the time of Celestians or an unnamed Wicked One created the foul art during the God War. Some even whisper that necromancy may predate the Celestians, but such talk is quickly silenced with sharp looks. Wherever it originated, necromancy has plagued Mantica for far too long. Ambitious men use its power to summon vast armies of the fallen and those who fear death turn butcher their souls to prolong their lives. At a base level, necromancy pulls souls from the aether, brutally shoving them into empty vessels to give them some semblance of life. The soul is forced to watch the horrors its body commits in pursuit of the necromancer’s black designs. Even after some desperate mortal manages to destroy the undead, the soul frequently cannot return to the aether, and it remains trapped in Mantica, captured forever in a tormented purgatory. In facts, many questing paladins [...]

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Event Report: American Team Championships 2017

July 15th-16th saw the second annual American Team Championship put on by Mantic Games and Dicehead Games in Chattanooga, TN.  6 teams of 3 players competed for the title of the American Team Champion. The basic formula for the ATC is a team of 3 player play individual games and their total score determines the winner. This years format was a little different from last years.  This time around each team member was given a coin denoting whether they were Captain, Lieutenant, or Ensign.  Once both teams chose their roles, their coins were revealed.  Games were decided on Capt. vs Capt., Lt. vs Lt., and Ens vs Ens. These roles were decided at the beginning of every round.  While teams could play another team again the players might not necessarily play the same opponent. Round 1 saw the Georgia Boys playing against Team McFlurry and the Extra Oreos.  Georgia Boys played Salamanders and 2 Dwarf armies.  Team McFlurry consisted of Elves, Undead and Basileans.  On the next group of tables, Rotgut Manglers played against Team Fun and Games.  Rotgut Manglers were made up of Abyssals, Abyssal Dwarfs and Empire of Dust.  Team Fun and Games ran Abyssal Dwarfs, Undead, and [...]

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Kings of War Summer Campaign: Introduction to the Orcs

In our continuing series, Hunter Bulkeley introduces you to the Kings of War factions taking part in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign. Today, he focuses on the brutal Orcs. Who are the Orcs? While Oskan sought to lure the Noble Races from the Shining Ones side in the God War, Garkan the Black decided on a more direct approach. With flame, iron, and black magic, Garkan reforged souls into new, terrifying shapes. Nine-hundred days after beginning his task, Garkan released his creation into the world. He created the Orcs for one purpose, to make war on all of Mantica, and they have never faltered in this task. War consumes every instant of an Orcs life. Garkan ensured it would be so for he made peace physically painful to an Orc. If an Orc goes too long without conflict, the curse will take its toll. Their insides will burn, their thoughts become confused with one word pounding in the backs of their skull, repeated with each fall of Garkan’s hammer onto the Orc’s soul, “Destroy.” An Orc can never truly know peace. Driven by this curse, the Orcs have spread far and wide since the God War. Their tenacity [...]

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Event report: Kings of War Mountaineer Grand Tournament

The Mountaineer Grand Tournament was held for the first time just this past June. Kings of War generals from over 4 states gathered in Martinsburg, WV to see who would claim the first ever Mountaineer Award! Being run by Chris and Matt Fisher, who help operate their family gaming store with father David Fisher (Your Hobby Place), have been dedicated Kings of War fans from the beginning. Their passion for the game led them to create the Mountaineer for the ever growing Kings of War community in the Mid-Atlantic. Your Hobby Place provided a great selection of products for the players to purchase while on site. A total of 20 players descended upon Martinsburg for their chance at glory! Chris and Matt made sure that the game and hobby were the core focus of this event and awards were given out for the following categories: The Mountaineer = combined score of Battle/Appearance/Sportsmanship Best Battle = player with highest battle points 2nd Best Battle = player with second highest battle points Best Appearance = player with highest appearance score 2nd Best Appearance = player with second highest appearance score Best Sports = player with highest sports points 2nd Best Sports = [...]

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Kings of War Summer Campaign: Introduction to the Goblins

In our continuing series, Hunter Bulkeley introduces you to the Kings of War factions taking part in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign. Today, he focuses on Rob’s favourite army, the Goblins. Who are the Goblins? Though no one knows quite where the Goblins came from, it is believed to be from Garkan the Black not knowing what to do with the scraps left over from creating the Orcs. Their appearance as slaves in Orc armies and skill at crafting deadly weapons out of scraps seem to support this theory. Whatever their origin, Goblins are tenacious little creatures with snot green skin and snickering smiles as if the whole world were a practical joke. By and large, the Goblin races are found in slave pits. The Orcs drive them before their armies as cannon fodder. The Abyssal Dwarfs use them to grease the wheels of their terrible forges. Humans mostly round them up and chop of their heads, “cleansing the country side” as they call it. Some Goblins, however, manage to escape the fate of their brethren. Many tunnel beneath the earth, building whole kingdoms and societies within the dark places of the world. As long as they are [...]

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Community Spotlight: Quickly Painting an Asterian Force

As part of his Tamiya Clear Addicts Anonymous scheme, Rob explains how he painted an Asterian force in record time. In between painting units for my Kings of War Dwarf army, I decided that I needed to tackle a force for Warpath/Firefight. Typically I’ve been more of a fantasy player in the past and my rudimentary painting skills have involved lots of Army Painter washes to make things actually look half decent. It’s basically ‘bottled talent’. However, when it came to sci-fi, it quickly became apparent that the hard lines and hi-tech armour didn’t always suit the wash technique. Initially I picked an Enforcer army (mainly due to the awesome Striders… seriously, look at the Ajax Strider and tell me you don’t want to do that army… shout it at the screen, if needs be) and got cracking. After a lot of (frankly quite needless) colour experimentation with red, blue and orange, I eventually opted for the colour scheme above. I was fairly happy with the finished result but the problem was it took me quite a while to get the edging on the armour and I’m a very impatient painter/gamer. You see I wanted to get an army on [...]

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