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DreadBall Complete Captain Cards Bundle

DreadBall Complete Captain Cards BundleDreadBall Complete Captain Cards Bundle

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Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played!

Product Type: Captain Cards

Ready your team for DreadBall 2nd Edition with a set of the new captain cards for seasons one to six to take your team to victory on the pitch!


This set contains Captain Cards for every current Team in DreadBall (barring the Neo-Bots, Yndij, Matsudan and Cyborgs), including:

  • Trontek 29ers - Human Corporation Team - 'Lucky' Logan
  • Greenmoon Smackers - Marauders Team - Slippery Joe
  • Midgard Delvers - Forge Fathers Team - Gorim Ironstone
  • Skittersneak Stealers - Veer-Myn Team - Reek 'Payback' Rolat
  • Void Sirens - Human Corporation Team - Wildcard
  • Pelgar Mystics - Judwan Team - Mee-Kel
  • Chromium Chargers - Meta-Bots Team - DBR7 'Firewall'
  • Locust City Chiefs - Z'zor Team - Ludwig
  • Ukomo Avalanchers - Teraton Team - Kal Terza
  • Koeputki Kolossals - Zees Team - Riller
  • Kalimarin Ancients - Nameless Team - John Doe
  • Shan-Meeg Starhawks - Asterian Team - Mellisandra
  • The Unincorporated - Rebs Team - Galdo
  • Nemion Oceanics - Sphyr Team - Irsala
  • Rallion Roses - Hobgoblins Team - Graggot
  • Rotatek Rockslides - Forge Father Brokkr Team - The Excavator
  • Ro-Tek Brutes - Mechanites Team - Brute Force
  • Kovoss Kryptics - Mutant Team - 'Deadman' Davitz
  • Glambek Ghosts - Ada-Lorana Team - Phantasm
  • Sulentic Shards - Crystallan Team - Crypt
  • Fran-taar Philosophers - Tsudochan Team - M'Zei Kein
  • Wu-Ling Wanderers - Koris Team - Kryphos

What are Captain Cards? One of the new introductions in DreadBall Second Edition are optional Captains. A little like MVPs in the previous edition, they can be hired as a member of your squad during league play, casual games or tournaments (if allowed). The Captains have access to 10 Captain Cards that can be used to trigger special events or actions during the course of the game. The stats for Captains are included in the Collector's Rulebook.

Requires DreadBall 2nd Editon Rulebook to play (not included). Team and Captain Miniatures not included. Retail Packaging not included. Team Stat Cards and Captain Stat Cards not included.


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