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Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit

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Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit

It’s time to head back to the pitch in this brand-new supplement for the galaxy’s most action-packed sport! Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit is a vital addition for any DreadBall coach that wants to make sure they stay competitive in the season ahead.

Struggling to pass your Dash tests? Finding it hard to stop your star players getting wiped out? Need a little help distracting the ref? Then Support Specialists are a vital addition to your team! Magnetar Circuit includes rules for three assistants: Mechanic, Hydrator and The Fixer.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Magnetar Circuit introduces rules for four totally different arenas – each with their own special rules. Travel to the dangerous swamps of Cavlax VI, the underwater pitch of New Atlantea, the skies of Ovostar-2 and the glitzy casinos of Memphis Max.

The DreadBall Governing Body has been carefully reviewing the teams to make sure they’re in peak performance for the next season. Magnetar Circuit includes the latest stats and advancement tables for ALL DreadBall teams.