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Warpath: Firefight - Starfall Campaign Supplement

Warpath: Firefight - Starfall Campaign SupplementWarpath: Firefight - Starfall Campaign Supplement

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Price: £0.00 Product code: MGWEB826 This product is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping from the 23rd April.

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Product Type: Campaign Supplement

The humans had escaped the ambush. Skrat kicked one of his cousins for their failure. This world would not be lost so easily. They would regroup and break the humans’ lines with fire and hatred. This world belonged to the Veer-Myn.


Firefight Campaign Supplement

  • Exciting Campaign featuring the GCPS and the Veer-Myn
  • Starter Army lists, based on the GCPS and Veer-Myn Starter Forces
  • Miniature Showcase of the Mantic Studio Armies
  • Tips for building your armies

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