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The galaxy is burning.

The malevolent Corporation is ever expanding its sphere of influence, annexing more and more star systems. From its ancient beginnings on the Solar System, it has now spread like a malignant cancer across the galaxy, covering entire sectors in its tyrannical rule and suffocating any attempt to live free of its clutches.

Their expansion continues implacable, but the galaxy is a big place, and sooner or later the Corporation might meet its match in the remote and unexplored expanses of deep space...

Warpath is the sci-fi mass battle combat game and miniatures range from Mantic Games, written by Alessio Cavatore. Two players pit massive armies of sci-fi warriors and vehicles against each either to capture objectives and eradicate the opposing forces. Featuring stunningly detailed miniatures, Warpath allows you to build your army, choose your battlefield and play massive games without breaking the bank.

Do you have what it takes to lead your army to victory?

The rule system is clearly written, simple and innovative

Written by Alessio Cavatore, Warpath is an easy-to-learn sci-fi battle wargame with an innovative activation system and turn sequence.

Warpath is simple to learn and fast game to play, naturally lends itself to competitive tournaments. It is a clearly written game for hobbyists, by hobbyists that allows you to play large-scale games with lots of miniatures easily and quickly.

The game is currently in beta and we are seeking your involvement in helping make the best sci-fi game we can.

The miniatures range is ever-expanding and always affordable!

More units and armies are being release all of the time – from the ravenous Maruaders to the technologically advanced Forge Fathers. Each is affordable and models are simple to put together, allowing you to get them on the gaming table quickly.

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