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‘Best Miniatures Game’ – OnTableTop Awards 2022

Firefight is a fast paced wargame in the warzones of the future. With alternating activations and intuitive rules for measurement and movement, Firefight is fast and furious. The innovative Orders mechanic allows you to issue special rules on the fly, in order to react to your opponent.


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Get a taste for the Latest Sci-fi wargame from Mantic Games. Firefight: Second Edition is a fast paced wargame in the warzones of the future

In this free rules sample, you’ll find all the basic rules, so you can learn to play.

Like what you see? Well make sure you pick up the full rules, which contain:

  • Thrilling lore and background about the Warpath Universe!
  • Action-packed 16 scenarios!
  • Army lists for 7 factions
  • Tokens and counters

*Download requires a webstore account.