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Mars Attacks Scenery Upgrade Pack

Mars Attacks Scenery Upgrade PackMars Attacks Scenery Upgrade Pack

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Price: £24.99 Product code: MGMA50-1

Mars Attacks

Product Type: Scenery Booster

The battle for Greenville takes place through the ruins of this once thriving middle-American town. Smashed buildings, rubble and broken glass form the hauntingly urban backdrop for this unearthly invasion.


This set provides you with the scenery to construct that backdrop, including 2 sets of plastic red-brick ruins, 1 set of accessories to form the scattered debris of the invasion and connectors to quickly and easily put together the backdrop of your choice. This will provide plenty of scenery to lay out a standard 2’ by 2’ Mars Attacks board.


  • 2 x Ruins sets
  • 1 x Accessory set
  • 1 x Connector set

Models supplied unpainted.

2014 The Topps Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MARS ATTACKS is a Registered Trademark of The Topps Company, Inc. Licensed by The Topps Company.

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