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With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games

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The Walking Dead Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe diorama unveiled

After a while teasing, we are delighted to finally announce Eeny, Meeny, Mine, Moe, a premium collector’s edition resin diorama will be released as part of The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game range. Working closely with Skybound Entertainment, we have recreated one of the most iconic scenes from Robert Kirkman’s best-selling comic book series in highly detailed resin. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe portrays the dramatic moment Rick Grimes, his son Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Sophia and Glenn come face-to-face (or rather face to baseball bat) with the tyrannical Negan. Each Survivor is beautifully sculpted in 31mm scale, along with a diorama base to place each miniature on. The set also includes an ‘alternative’ head for Glenn. Due for release in March, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… costs $49.99/£34.99/€49.99 and can be pre-ordered from the Mantic Games website now. Included in the set are six resin miniatures, a resin diorama base and collector’s edition Survivor cards for Rick and Carl. What’s more, Negan can be removed and used as a gaming piece during play. The Walking Dead: All Out War from Mantic Games launched in December 2016 to critical acclaim in the tabletop gaming press. Geek & Sundry said: “this is [...]

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Equipment Booster for The Walking Dead

It’s been a busy week over here on the blog, as we’ve been running through a host of Walking Dead news, including five reasons you should play, entries in our Brush with Death painting competition, some new gaming accessories and yesterday’s exciting announcement about Lee and Clementine. However, we’re not stopping there and today we’ve got a couple more updates for you! The first is that amidst the March releases in an Equipment Booster. Equipment plays a key part in The Walking Dead: All Out War, as you tool your Survivors up with a range of weaponry and accessories. Should Rick have a crossbow? Maybe Michonne should have some Gory Clothing to help disguise her from the Walkers? Although you get plenty of equipment in the Core Game and new pieces are included in the various boosters, we wanted to ensure you have more options when it comes to creating your gang. And that’s exactly where the Equipment Booster comes into play! The set includes 55 cards, featuring a mix of weapons of accessories to give your Survivors the edge. We worked closely with The Walking Dead: All Out War community to find out what items they would like in [...]

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Lee and Clementine in The Walking Dead: All Out War from Mantic Games

Mantic Games is pleased to announce that after successfully launching The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game, based on the hit comic series by Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment, it is now set to release incredibly detailed miniatures of Lee and Clementine, the stars of Telltale Games’ critically acclaimed episodic videogame series inspired by The Walking Dead. Fans of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series will already be familiar with Lee and Clementine. In the tension-filled episodes, university professor and convicted criminal Lee rescues a young girl named Clementine and the pair must try to survive in the Walker-infested streets of Georgia. Mantic Games has now recreated the protagonists as pre-assembled plastic miniatures, ready for use in The Walking Dead: All Out War tabletop game. Players will be able to add Lee and Clementine to their gang of Survivors, alongside iconic characters from the comic series, such as Rick Grimes and Michonne, before playing through action-packed scenarios. The Lee and Clementine Booster Pack, which also includes a gruesome Walker miniature, will only be available at selected shows and special events. In North America the Lee and Clementine Booster Pack will launch at Adepticon in March, while the UK [...]

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Dungeon Saga is Back!

The adventure begins anew as the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest core game and expansions are back in stock at the end of the month – if you weren’t able to get everything the first time, now’s your chance! Look out for Dungeon: The Dwarf King’s Quest and expansions being available in stores from the end of June, or pre-order now to reserve yours. What is Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest? Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the exciting 2-5 player dungeon crawling adventure game, set in the world of Mantica. One player takes control of the evil Necromancer, Mortibris. Bent of world domination, he seeks the legendary book of Valandor to expand his power. Opposing him are the four heroes, Danor, Madriga, Orlaf and Rordin. Each of these can be controlled by a player, or all of them controlled by one player (or any combination in between). The Necromancer raises his undead minions – skeletons, zombies, zombie trolls – to stop the heroes and bring them down. Though these creatures are not powerful foes, they have numbers and immortality (of a sort) on their side. As the heroes venture deeper into the dungeon, the threats get [...]

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The Walking Dead: All Out War painting competition

Hope you’re enjoying The Walking Dead: All Out War Week on the blog. Yesterday we highlighted the five reasons you should try the game. Today we’re going to give you a little Hobbying inspiration with some pictures from our recent Walking Dead-themed painting competition. The closing date for the contest was Monday and, although we haven’t picked a winner yet, we thought we would show off some of the entries we received. It’s great to see so many fantastic miniatures from the community. Although the competition has closed, we still love to see your finished miniatures, so continue to share them on Facebook or Twitter. Anyway, here are some of the entries for Brush with Death…. Robert Kittner – Diorama Eric Gueguen – Single Miniature‘My gun is full of bullets – soon, you will be the same’ Adam Peacock – Single Miniature Brian Payne – Single Miniature Christophe Roque – Diorama 1 Matt Saunders – Diorama Marcel Popik – Single Miniature Emmanuel Capron – Diorama 1 Richard Errington – SIngle Miniature Joshua Collins – Diorama 1 Hope you enjoyed looking at those! Of course, they’re just a few of the entries we received and there are plenty more over on [...]

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Five reasons to try The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War launched just before Christmas and in that short time it has become our most successful retail launch ever. We’ve already seen numerous unboxing videos, battle reports and painting guides but, unbelievably, we’ve been led to believe that some of you out there still haven’t played The Walking Dead: All Out War. So, here are our top six reasons why you need to play…  1. Recreate iconic moments from the comic series The Walking Dead comic series has been around since 2003 and it’s currently on issue 164! In that time there have been numerous iconic scenes, like the time SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER met up with SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER and killed SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER or that amazing scene when SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER cut off SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER… ouch! Although you’re free to recreate these moments yourself, we’re also releasing several expansions that give you the chance to actually live these stories and become a Survivor. We’ve already released Days Gone Bye, which details how Rick Grimes manages to meet back up with his family, and Prelude to Woodbury, which gives you the first glimpses of Brian Blake’s transformation into The Governor. However, these are only just the beginning and later this year you’ll be able [...]

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Star Saga Open Playtesting Announced

/transmission incoming /authenticate ID: ********** /authentication accepted /decrypting connection credentials … … /initializing connection – stand by … … M: Infiltration complete, target located. 8th: Good. Other has been contacted and a contract negotiated. Prepare for extraction and await further instructions. M: Query – collateral damage? 8th: Full discretion – only the target matters. /disconnecting … … /end transmission Welcome to Star Saga Mantic Games is proud to present the open beta for its newest game: Star Saga! As a new product, of course we need any and all feedback from our fabulous playtesters from around the world. Star Saga is a sci-fi dungeon crawl designed for 2-5 players. You can find the core rules as well as the currently available missions here. If you’re interested in helping us in our playtesting, be sure to download and print some surveys.  Fill them out during/after your games and then go to our online survey and tell us about your games.   Basics One player will be the nexus player. The nexus player tells the story, controls the enemy models and directs the flow of the game. The remaining players control the heroes, a band of mercenaries working to fulfill their mission [...]

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Ronnie introduces The Walking Dead: All Out War Week

Hey, Ronnie here with a quick update on goings on at the Mantic bunker and we’ve got lots of great things to wipe away those February blues! You can watch the video below for some more details or carry on reading… The great news is that The Walking Dead: All Out War is receiving rave reviews – it currently sits as the highest rated Walking Dead game on Board Game Geek – thanks to all those that have submitted reviews or comments. With rock solid game play, an easy skirmish format to pick up and a range of fantastic minis we really hope we have a big hit on our hands. Oh, and please, please if you love the game share it with your friends, or take it down to your local club/shop. Your word of mouth is the best endorsement we can get, and helps us a lot! And for those of you who are already fans – check out the blog all next week when we have a Walking Dead themed extravaganza! Not only we will be unveiling the show exclusive booster that will be available at shows all around the world (and online on Mantic Open Day [...]

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First details of the May 2017 Mantic Open Day

The next Mantic Open Day takes place on 6th May and we’re currently hard at work preparing lots of fun activities for you to take part in. As usual, this will be an action-packed day for all you Mantic Fanatics and we’ll be making sure there are plenty of great offers in the on-site shop too. Here are just some of the exciting things we’ve got planned for the day: Enforcer faction schemes – try out some different colour schemes for your Enforcer faction. We’ll provide a miniature, paints and brushes for you to use, and staff will be on hand to help out or give advice. Seminars – we’ll be running a series of seminars, including a preview of our Kings of War summer campaign, and what the future holds for our other games including Warpath and The Walking Dead. Brush with Death painting competition – as part of our next Brush with Death competition, you’ll be able to enter on the day for the chance to win the Best of Show trophy. Just bring along a fully painted 1,000 point Kings of War army (all miniatures must be Mantic models). To get you started, take a look at [...]

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The Walking Dead: All Out War battle report

Last night over on Twitter @pfwgames and @mjcr live Tweeted an entire game of The Walking Dead: All Out War. To save you the time of scrolling through all the various updates, we’ve listed them below so you can see exactly what happened and who managed to survive! Let the live-tweeting commence. Abraham, Michonne & Jim Vs Negan, Derek & Sandra in Walking Dead: All Out War. @mjcr has the initiative… — Paul Wake (@pfwgames) February 16, 2017 @pfwgames @manticgames @aLostVictorian And I have the badge! — Michael J. C. Rowley (@mjcr) February 16, 2017 Lucille is thirsty! One Zombie put down. Threat level 2. #TheWalkingDead #Mantic — Paul Wake (@pfwgames) February 16, 2017 @pfwgames @manticgames @RobertKirkman Jim is on the move. #thewalkingdeadalloutwar — Michael J. C. Rowley (@mjcr) February 16, 2017 Here’s how things stand at the end of turn 2. Derek got bit! #TheWalkingDead #Mantic @mjcr @manticgames — Paul Wake (@pfwgames) February 16, 2017 @thebattlehammer @pfwgames @manticgames I’m all about the swordplay. — Michael J. C. Rowley (@mjcr) February 16, 2017 . @pfwgames @aLostVictorian @manticgames I don’t like what’s going on here. #thewalkingdeadalloutwar #negan — Michael J. C. Rowley (@mjcr) February [...]

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