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With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games

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Deadzone: Asterians Strategies and Tactics

This article will focus on describing different tactics for the Strike Teams built from the Asterian Faction Starter in the previous article, as well as some thoughts on how to use the models in the Asterian Faction Booster to expand them into larger forces. Storm of Fire Name Type Points Asterian Overseer Leader 30 Cypher Troop 15 Cypher Troop 15 Drone (Plasma Vortex) Specialist 30 AP Ammo Rare Item 4 Energy Shield (2) Unique Item 5 Total: 99   The core of this Strike team consists of a solid core of well-equipped Cyphers led by an Overseer, with artillery support provided by the deadly Plasma Vortex Drone. The core tactics used by this list involves a careful advance by the Cyphers and Overseer while the Plasma Vortex hides safely out of sight and uses its Blast attack to disrupt the enemy. It is often best to shoot the Drone first to blast models into vulnerable positions and then have your Cyphers ready to attack immediately afterwards. Use the Cypher with the Energy Shield as the “point man” for this team, taking the lead and deploying Toxic Smokescreen at just the right moment. A good example of this would be moving [...]

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Deadzone Asterians: Your First Strike Teams

The ancient and enigmatic Asterian race has plied the stars for aeons, keeping their distance from the lower lifeforms that inhabit the galaxy, but intervening whenever a threat emerges that threatens all intelligent life. Deadzones harbour threats of this magnitude, and it is at this point that the Asterians mobilize their forces. The Asterians Go to War Asterians approach warfare in the same manner they approach everything – With deadly precision. To minimize the danger to Asterian life, remotely piloted AI constructs known as Cyphers form the elite of their forces, supported by automated drones and the warrior sub-culture known as the Kalyshi, who revel in the danger of the battlefield rather than hiding from it. This article will guide you through the process of creating a variety of different Asterian Strike Teams, all of which are possible to build using the contents of the Asterian Faction Starter. Building Your Strike Team Asterians are an elite force of specialists that all need to work together to succeed, with a large variety of specialist weaponry and access to powerful items such as Energy Shields. The core of an Asterian Strike Team will often be Cyphers, which are well-armoured and have an [...]

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Deadzone: Asterian Faction Booster Unboxing

The Asterians‘ technology is vastly superior to that of other races. From their powerful, yet low-energy anti-gravity systems, to their lightweight armour and materials, each Asterian soldier is a marvel of technology. The Cypher Clades take many different weapons to the field to support operations, including Missile Launchers, Force Rifles and Fission Beamers. Even the close combat weapons carried by the noble Cypher Primes are highly advanced – blades sharp enough to separate individual atoms and sophisticated energy field generators that are small enough to be handheld. Despite the abundance of benefits that technology brings, there are still those who shun it. The Kalyshi are a sub-sect of the Asterians, who believe that their kin have become too detached from ‘the old ways’. These rogues freely mix with other races from across the galaxy, preferring direct action rather than the more subtle methods of their peers. The enjoy the visceral nature of combat, taking to battle in light armour and experiencing the thrill of the hunt for themselves. While thought to be savage, this does mot mean that they are primitive. Wielding Energy Bows and mono-molecular Glaives, they are ferocious and terrifyingly fast, able to best many foes both in [...]

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Calling all Polish Mantic Fans!

Czy mieszkasz i żyjesz w Polsce? Jesteś entuzjastą produktów firmy Mantic Games? W takim razie to właśnie Ciebie szukamy!   Szukamy wolontariuszy do programu „Pathfinder”, którzy będą organizować gry pokazowe i imprezy w sklepach i klubach. Szukamy szczególnie ludzi z Warszawy, Krakowa i Poznania, jednak będziemy przyjmować aplikacje od każdej osoby!   „Tropiciele” to żywiołowi ludzie, którzy pasjonują się produktami firmy Mantic. Ich zadaniem jest dzielenie się swoją pasją i budowanie trwałych relacji z klientami. Robią to poprzez:   – prezentują szeroki wybór gier naszego wydawnictwa – pokazują dostępne modele do gier bitewnych, które mogą być wykorzystane zarówno w systemach Fantasy, jak i Science Fiction   Mantic zawsze szuka ludzi, którzy pragną z pasją szerzyć przesłanie firmy. Zainteresowane osoby prosimy o odpowiedzenie na poniższe pytania i odesłanie swojej odpowiedzi do Josha Robertsa na adres:   Prosimy o dodanie do aplikacji swojego zdjęcia z modelami firmy Mantic. Będziemy zachwyceni możliwością poznania Ciebie obejrzenia Twoich modeli.   Po otrzymaniu zgłoszenia zostanie ono rozpatrzone. W przypadku pozytywnej weryfikacji skontaktujemy się z Tobą na rozmowę telefoniczną/Skype. Po tej nieformalnej rozmowie zdecydujemy o ewentualnym zaproszeniu do programu. Do you live in Poland? Are you passionate and enthusiastic about Mantic Games? Then we want you! [...]

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Deadzone: Asterian Faction Starter Unboxing

The Asterians are constantly hidden by shadows and misinformation. They stand apart from the rest of the galaxy, not interacting with other unless it suits their needs. Whilst most see them as aloof and uncaring, this couldn’t be further form the truth. The Asterians know the cost of life and strive to continuously maintain balance. They avoid warfare and the chaos that it brings, preferring to influence others into action, rather than intervene themselves. When balance is truly threatened, the Asterians employ their advanced and powerful technology to protect it. Cyphers and Marionettes, sophisticated artificial constructs, allow them to fight on the battlefield without physically risking harm to themselves. These warriors are piloted remotely from cloaked ships in orbit, far removed from the enemy. Wielding reality-bending weaponry, such as Noh Rifles, Plasma Vortexes and Fission Beamers, they can swiftly eliminate their targets before disappearing once more. Some Asterians know the importance of experiencing combat first-hand. From the skilled Overseers to the feral Kalyshi, these individuals are seen as mavericks and risk-takers, albeit necessary ones. Humanity unleashes unspeakable terrors on the galaxy such as the Plague and Veer-Myn, while the Forge Fathers brutally strip worlds bare, uncaring of the consequences. In [...]

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Deadzone: Veer-Myn Strategies and Tactics

In this article, I will discuss how to incorporate models from the Veer-Myn Faction Booster set into your strike teams as well as describing strategies for using the strike lists from the previous article. When playing your games, don’t feel bound to use the lists I presented, be bold and experiment with different models to better suit your play style. Come join the Mantic forums to share your lists and strategies!   Growing the Nest In addition to the Brood Mother and Night Terror models already included in the Queen of Terror list, the Veer-Myn Faction Booster also provides a Rumbler weapon platform and 5 Maligni to further fill out your Strike Teams. Though it is difficult, it is possible to include a Rumbler in a 100 point list. The super heavy chem spitter provides the Rumbler with an R8, AP2 suppression weapon. Even better, the weapon comes with Weight of Fire (1) assisting with the platform’s shoot value of 5+. Alternatively, you could use the super heavy chem thrower, an AP2 weapon that hits every model in the target cube. Keep in mind however, that this weapon only has R3 and makes the platform Volatile as well. Maligni are [...]

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Deadzone Veer-Myn: Your First Strike Teams

Veer-Myn present in a quarantine are typically the cause of trouble, though it is possible for smaller infestations to get caught up in a Deadzone for other reasons. Regardless of the reason for their presence, Veer-Myn are opportunists and survivalists. They are vicious when cornered, and will do anything to protect themselves or their Brood Mother. In this article I will describe some general strategies associated with the Veer-Myn and lay out two strike teams that can be built from the Veer-Myn Faction Starter and Booster sets. Between these sets you can create a large and varied number of different strike teams, suitable to any combat encounter or opponent. Sharpen your claws and groom your fur, our lives for the Brood Mother!   Building your strike team While Veer-Myn don’t boast the best stat values, they do tend to be faster than units from other factions.   And while they don’t sport the cheapest units in the game, they are still plentiful enough to overwhelm most opponent’s ability to cope with them. If a fast-moving, vicious sea of teeth and claws appeals to you, keep reading. In general, Veer-Myn excel at moving quickly across the table and overwhelming their opponents. Often [...]

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Mantic Wants You!

Mantic is on a recruitment drive as we scale up for the year ahead. We’re looking for talented individuals to join the team – and there’s never been a more exciting time with Kings of War and Deadzone gaining traction at retail and special projects like The Walking Dead and Warpath on the horizon. And that’s to say nothing of what else we’re cooking up in the Mantic Bunker 😉 We’ve a range of roles on offer which you can see here: Customer Service Representative Deadline: 1st June 2016 Actively and effectively manage and resolve customer support queries received by Mantic on multiple channels. We are looking for someone who can show every customer that resolving their query is a priority, and is happy to get their head down and work through a large number of customer messages every day. Customer Experience Support Deadline: 1st June 2016 Assist the Customer Experience Manager in organising and running demos, shows and other events. We are looking for someone who can easily display passion and enthusiasm for the Mantic Games hobby and the work they do, motivating others. You will do all this whilst working as part of a team and delivering excellent [...]

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Deadzone: Veer-Myn Faction Booster Unboxing

Although the Veer-Myn are often viewed as nothing more than beasts, this couldn’t be further from the truth. They are intelligent and fiendishly inventive, as evidenced by their advanced weaponry. When their technology falls short, their biological sciences more than make up for it, by growing and mutating their kin into powerful monsters. These innovations come from the Maligni. Something between a chemist, breeder and engineer, this caste of elite Veer-Myn are responsible for their race’s mastery of technology. Constantly experimenting, they are able to arm their kin with devastating weapons, capable of melting through armour and flesh alike. GCPS research shows evidence that they also experiment on their kin directly – the mutations that create Nightmares and a Night Terrors appearing to be artificially induced, rather than natural. The Veer-Myn Faction Booster is designed to add to an existing VeerMyn Strike Team. From the towering Brood Mother to the devious Maligni, this set can give your force the extra tools to take out tough opponents. The Brood Mother is an impressive centre piece for any Veer-Myn force. She towers over her subjects, armed with massive claws and a Chem Staff weapon. Her survival is integral to the Veer-Myn, so [...]

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Deadzone: Veer-Myn Faction Starter Unboxing

The Veer-Myn have lived in the shadow of other races for a long time. Spreading though waste management networks and maintenance access ways, they are survivalists throughout, weathering harsh atmospheric conditions, hazardous machinery and eradication teams. Many beings aren’t even aware of the Veer-Myn’s presence. Many more tolerate them – to a degree – as they are unable to permanently remove them. The Veer-Myn are content to lie in wait for the right opportunity. Led by the Progenitors and Brood Mother, a Veer-Myn nest will be directed to empty and overwhelm their foes. Hordes of Crawlers and Stalkers scurry amidst the towering forms of the Nightmares and Night Terrors. Vile and devastating weapons are brought to bare – the twisted inventions of the Maligni. Few survive this onslaught to tell the tale. Whether you are fighting for control of Exham IV, or rising up in another Deadzone, the Veer-Myn Faction Starter is the best way to get started with these malicious creatures. There’s large numbers of troops, specialists and leaders to build you Strike Team from or enough to build a campaign army. The core of the set is the Night Crawlers Sprue. This hard plastic kit contains enough components [...]

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