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The Heroes of Dungeon Saga Origins – Madriga

25th Apr 2024

Dan Mapleston

Welcome back adventurers! It’s time to learn about the next member of our band of intrepid heroes, as they prepare to embark on their journey…

Intrigue at Court…

The last syllable died in the still air, enveloped by the unnatural blanket of silence hanging shroud like over the chamber. Thelandria held the gaze of her King, as Ariandaras digested the import of her words.

Finally, after several long minutes had passed, he spoke. “So, if I am to understand this correctly, some human mage stole into the site of our most precious artefact, which we have guarded for nigh on ten centuries, and we have no idea why?” Thelandria inclined her head slightly by way of reply.

“So all we do know is that this mage hailed from Basilea?”

“Yes, my Lord, his magic carries the flavour of the Golden Horn. I suspect Mortibris has not lived there in many years, but it is there from whence he hails, and there that he now heads.”

Ariandaras sighed, flicking an imaginary mote of dust from his robes as he did so. “What would you have me do Thelandria? If word of this gets out, it will cause untold damage. And yet I cannot allow this slight to go unanswered.”

“Sire, I believe that Madriga was last seen at the City of the Golden Horn, was she not?”

Ariandaras snorted. “Yes, and what of it?”

“Well sire, if this thief and vandal needs to be tracked down, what better individual to do so? Skilled, discreet, and…at a certain remove from Therennia Aldar.”

Ariandaras smiled. The notion was not an unreasonable one. “So be it. Perhaps my daughter will have mellowed these last few years.”

“For our sakes sire, I hope not.”

Madriga, the Elf Ranger

Hailing from the city of Therennia Adar, known to other races simply as Walldeep, Madriga grew up hearing the legends of mighty Valandor like any of her kind. As a small child, she had made the pilgrimage to the Spire of Ages to see the miraculously preserved remains of the legendary hero. The stories her father would tell her, as he groomed her for a life of ruling her people, instead inspired her to tread a very different path.

Joining the renowned Sea Guard, Madriga quickly carved herself a fierce reputation as a warrior and a leader, but she found the constant ritual and formality of her position and her noble lineage to be overpowering and stultifying. After becoming the youngest ever to attain the rank of fleet captain, she elected to resign her commission and travel the world in search of adventure of the kind she had heard about in her youth.

Stay on Target

On the tabletop, Madriga brings vital long-range support with her trusty bow and a 4-dice ranged attack. Her special ability, ‘Sure Shot’ is a nice fall-back option when required.

She’s also fast, with a movement value of 6 that allows her to dart across dungeon rooms to find the best angle and position for her next attack. With a moderate fight state and low armour though, she’ll need to work with the rest of the party for best effect.


Before every quest, Madriga can choose which of her ‘feats’ will be available for the upcoming mission. These are special once-per-quest abilities that let you perform showstopping moves when it really counts.

Maybe you’re trying to aim an arrow right between the eyes of a Zombie Troll before he squashes one of your allies. He dodges the first few arrows…one lightly grazes his shoulder….deep breath…draw that bow once more…re-roll…YES!

Check Madriga’s feats out below, and start thinking about the lethal elven precision you can bring to the battles ahead…

Getting Started

It’s time to get this show on the road! You (and your family) can come along on this awesome adventure by pre-ordering your own copy of Dungeon Saga Origins HERE.

Join us again next time to meet our third adventurer, who’s very different from both that you’ve met so far…any guesses?

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