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The Heroes of Dungeon Saga Origins – Orlaf

23rd Apr 2024

Dan Mapleston

The necromancer Mortibris, and his quest for an ancient wisdom, is about to set a chain of events in motion that threatens the known world. 

Word of his sinister deeds among the ruins of Dolgarth reaches the courts of the great and the good. These troubling rumours must be verified and, if indeed they are true, Mortibris must be stopped.

The Dwarf King of Abercarr, the Elf King of Therennia Adar, and the Hegemon of Basilea agree to hand-pick a band of deadly warriors, well-known to them but not yet to each other:

Rordin, a stout dwarf with a head for battle and a taste for strong ale. Madriga, a former esteemed captain of the elven Sea Guard. Danor, a humble wizard and student of the great colleges of magic in Basilea. And lastly Orlaf, the gruff barbarian, a successful mercenary who isn’t afraid of dealing in trouble. 

Dolgarth is well protected, and for a small party to gain access unseen will first require ancient knowledge of its hidden entrances. As luck would have it, a vast collection of dwarfen maps is believed to exist nearby in the long-abandoned depths of Dureg’s Hold.

And so our party sets off, swapping stories as they travel, with little idea of what awaits them in the dark and winding dungeons beneath the surface of Pannithor… 

Welcome to Dungeon Saga Origins, a game of thrilling quests for heroes aged 10 & up!

Get this game onto your tabletop, where you’ll dive into (1) fun and exciting gameplay, (2) super-fast setup times, (3) awesome pre-assembled fantasy miniatures, and (4) an optional Digital Overlord to assist with running the dungeon.

With thrills, challenges, and teamwork baked into the story campaign, we think it’s the ultimate family game night!

To get started, you’ll need to pick your character – so let’s meet them. First up is…

Orlaf, the Human Barbarian

Like many of his people, Orlaf makes a living as a sellsword, hiring his skills out to the highest bidder. Tremendously strong and skilled with blade and fists, Orlaf is also remarkably far-sighted for one of his kind and profession. Travelling to the City of the Golden Horn, he has established himself as the go-to professional for wealthy men who lack the physical wherewithal to solve their problems.

Orlaf found city life very much agreed with him, though he still hungers for the chance at a truly enormous score. The commission to accompany the party into Dolgarth is a dream come true. The old Dwarf Hold has been off limits for so many years, and he now has a legitimate reason to enter it. Tales of the wealth that lies buried there have been passed from generation to generation of his tribe, being told to Orlaf since he was a young child. This could well be just the retirement plan that he has been waiting for…

An Axe To Grind

On the tabletop, Orlaf is a combat powerhouse and rolls a devastating 5 dice when fighting. You’ll notice he has no ranged attack, and (clearly) not much armour, so even this tough guy is going to need a little help from his friends when things kick off!

His movement value of 5 (standard for human characters) will help to ensure he’s in the thick of the action, and you have a Special Ability ‘Frenzy’ to deploy when you need a desperate show of effort to power through a tough roll.

Before every quest, Orlaf can also choose which of his ‘feats’ will be available for the upcoming mission. These are special once-per-quest abilities that let you perform showstopping moves. Perhaps you’ll charge in bravely to rescue a surrounded ally, hold back the enemy so your friends can escape, or maybe you’ll make a bold play to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Check them out below, and make sure that you save them for the opportune moment…

Orlaf is a tough and reliable fighter from the outset, but so are your enemies! Fortunately, you’ll be finding some new gear along the way – plus gold to buy new equipment for your party between quests. There’s even talk of some truly awesome Legendary Items well-hidden in the depths of the dungeon….so keep a sharp eye out for them.

Let’s Get Started

Right, enough talk – our favourite barbarian is itching to get smashing some skeletons! You can come along on this awesome adventure by pre-ordering your own copy of Dungeon Saga Origins HERE.

Come back next time where we’ll be delving into the backstory and playstyle of our next hero…who could it be?

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