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Goblins can be found in every corner of Mantica. They are a persistent nuisance, and sometimes a genuine threat, to all other creatures. Goblins are even more numerous than their Orcish cousins. For the most part, they are subservient to the larger Orcs, employed in every role in society that Orcs are too lazy to fill themselves (meaning most of them). They are deployed in war by their masters to wear down an enemy with sheer weight of numbers before the Orcs move in for the kill. Where they are not enslaved by Orcs, they form their own petty kingdoms and tribes. These are of a bewildering variety – Goblins dwell in swamps, jungle, deserts, forests, mountains, hills, caverns and even sewers.


That Goblins are related to Orcs is obvious. They share the same colour of skin, similar physiological quirks and an underlying sense of malice. A Goblin’s idea of heaven is finding something smaller and weaker than itself and tormenting it to death, although in reality they are so jumpy the source of their attentions has to be half-dead already. But whereas the creation of the Orcs is relatively well-understood, not one scholar has a clear idea how the goblins came about, and it has been opined that they are a kind of cosmic mistake, something cobbled together by lesser Abyssals while the dark gods were looking the other way. They are not entirely evil. Goblins can be traded with. As one finds the occasional truly evil man, it is possible to find the occasional truly good goblin, but such individuals are rarer than hen’s teeth, and are usually murdered by their compatriots. Goblins are certainly nowhere near as brave as Orcs, exhibiting a degree cowardice that verges on the comical. The only thing that Goblins have in great abundance, apart from each other, is self-preservation.

Most Goblins are far too weaselly for proper fighting, generally taking to the field in a large, poorly armed rabble that has to be kicked toward the enemy. Whereas Orcs are badly disciplined but bold, Goblins are just badly disciplined. Given the chance, they will flee from a fight at the slightest opportunity, and must be tightly controlled by their betters if they are to function as a useful force.

The greater strategists among Orc-kind recognise this and give allow their smaller cousins bows, provided the Goblins stand in front of the Orcs and point the weapons away from them. The bow is the preferred weapon of the Goblin in any case, as they generally feel safer when they can inflict harm on their enemies from a distance, and, should the opportunity arise, and they can get up the courage, it also affords them the opportunity for revenge on their oppressors…

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