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Goblin Mawbeast Pack

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Goblin Mawbeast Pack

The most abundant ally of the goblin is a foul, stinking creature known as a Mawbeast. These vicious balls of knotted fur and gnashing teeth roam the Steppe in large packs, devouring anything that’s too slow to outrun them – including other Mawbeasts. However, they can be trained, thanks to a mix of tainted meat and sharp clouts over the nose when they try to bite their handler’s face off.

The Goblin Mawbeast Pack contains 4 Mawbeasts and1 Handler, from Mantic Games, for your fantasy battle wargames and dioramas.


  • 4 x Metal Mawbeasts
  • 1 x Handler
  • Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.