First Strike (DIGITAL)

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He moved with a calmness that was cold and impassive in its ef ciency, but when he struck he did so with a brutality that was breath-taking. A Stalker dropped squealing to the ground, blood fountaining from numerous puncture wounds across its torso. Another was dead before it hit the packed earth outside the marine base. He did not rush, he did not speak, and he showed no fear. He simply killed and killed again as if nothing could stop him executing every single Veer-myn on Acreon.

When a backwater world is invaded by ruthless aliens, the Drakenhof Corporation’s best marines are sent to repel them. But they are not the only interested parties, and the Council has also sent Lieutenant Commander Roca of the Enforcers to investigate. Why has Acreon been targeted by the Veer-myn? And what secrets are hidden beneath the planet’s surface that, if uncovered, could threaten the stability of the galaxy itself?


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