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WHAT IS Deadzone 3rd EDITION?

Deadzone is an exciting 2 player skirmish game of futuristic battles fought on distant colonies and alien landscapes in declared containment zones.

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2 - Player Starter Set
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Set on the fringes of civilised space, Deadzone takes place in containment zones – cities or whole planets that have been erased from planetary maps and left for dead. You control an elite team of soldiers ready to enter the potentially lethal Deadzone and scavenge for whatever lucrative resources you can find. But competition is fierce, and other Strike Teams will be out to thwart you on your mission. Get in, get out, get rich, or get dead.

  • FAST-PACED GAMEPLAY – with alternating activations and intuitive rules for measurement and movement, deadzone is fast and furious.
  • DYNAMIC DECISIONS – the innovative Orders mechanic allows you to issue special rules on the fly, in order to react to your opponent.
  • JUST TWO BOOKS! – the starter set comes with two books: the core rules and the force lists. Inside you’ll find all the rules, 12 missions and army lists for all factions

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The Deadzone 2-Player starter set is the perfect way to deploy your forces in the containment zones of the future. It includes all the Mantic Miniatures, Terrain, Rulebooks, Dice and Tokens you need to play.

2 - Player Starter Set
Deadzone 2 player set

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