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What is Terrain Crate?

Terrain Crate is highly detailed, pre-assembled, modular terrain kits for tabletop wargaming and roleplaying games!

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Terrain Crate Sci Fi Forest

28mm Sci-fi Wargames Terrain

The Sci-fi Terrain Crate range includes the original snap-fit Deadzone terrain sets, highly detailed industrial machinery, war-torn ruins, alien flora and more.

Deadzone Wargaming Terrain Booster

 Snap Fit

Industrial Sci Fi Wargaming Terrain


Ruins and Scatter Terain

 Ruins & Scatter

Fantasy Wargames and 5E Terrain

The Fantasy Terrain Crate range includes everything you need for fantasy wargaming, role-playing and medieval dioramas.

Graveyard Fantasy Wargaming Terrain

5e Wargaming Terrain

Dungeon 5E Terrain

Abandoned Mine Fantasy Wargaming Terrain

Abandoned Mine

Temple Fantasy Wargaming Terrain


Modern City Wargaming Terrain

Modern & Post Apocalypse Wargames Terrain

The Modern Terrain Crate range includes snap-fit brick building sets, highly detailed scenario terrain, World War 2 ruins and scatter and more.

Quicki Mart Wargaming Terrain

  Quicki Mart

Modern Street Scatter Wargaming Terrain

  Modern Street Scatter

World War 2 Wargaming Terrain

  WW2 Terrain