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Asterian Clade Veterans Booster (2024)

Earn 2,750 Reward Points

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Asterian Clade Veterans Booster (2024)
Black Talon pilots are regarded as something of an elite cadre amongst the highly skilled warrior brotherhoods of the clades. Deploying Cyphers specialists such as Black Talons is often seen as overkill, but as the galaxy has fallen into greater turmoil such measures have become more and more common. Threats are despatched quickly and cleanly, but not before another has arisen elsewhere.
The Shuuvatar exist to watch over the Overseers of the Asterian Military, and ensure that the decisions they make are in balance.

  • 1x Resin Shuuvatar,
  • 3x Resin Black Talons,
  • 4x Plastic Single 25mm Round Base