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Asterian Clade Warriors Starter (2024)

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Asterian Clade Warriors Starter (2024)
The brothers of Asteria’s warrior clades do not merely drive their Cyphers as a human soldier might a tank – rather they become their Cyphers, their very consciousnesses being beamed directly into the constructs’ semi-organic brains. Indeed, each Cypher is partially grown using an individual pilot’s genetic material, allowing him to inhabit its metallic frame like a second skin, firing its powerful Noh weapon as if he were holding it in his own fingers.
While they are simple robotic constructs in comparison to the elite Cyphers, Marionettes are nonetheless highly effective, commanded as they are by Asterian pilots no less disciplined than those in the clades.
Inside this pack you will have enough parts to make a Cypher Prime, 6 x Cyphers, 5 x Marionettes, and a Support Drone

  • 1x Resin Cypher Prime,
  • 2x Plastic Cypher Sprue,
  • 1x Plastic Marionettes Sprue,
  • 12x Plastic Single 25mm Round Bases