Enforcer Strider with Burst Laser (Upgrade Pack)

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Enforcer Strider with Burst Laser (Upgrade Pack)
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Many GR77 model Striders are equipped with the 88 HLS-X Burst Laser. In simplest terms, this is an up-scaled version of the G87 carried by Enforcer infantry, with extra heat-sinks and energy cells to increase its damage output. This places the Strider into an anti-infantry role when deployed; which it is more than suited for, heavily suppressing foes with withering levels of fire.

This set contains metal components to upgrade an Enforcer, Plague, GCPS or Rebs Strider with a Burst Laser, including:

1 Metal Strider Burst Laser
Strider not included. Rules for the Strider Burst Laser for Deadzone can be found in the Nexus Psi supplement. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires Superglue.