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Matsudan House Conclave Starter

Earn 2,750 Reward Points

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Matsudan House Conclave Starter

Protected by their deep sense of honour, the Matsudan have become a vital weapon in turning back the tide of the Nightstalker advance.

The traditional hymns and prayers of the Gyoji echo across the battlefield, while the Matsudan march side-by-side with the AI-controlled marionettes in an effort to hold back the advancing shadow of the void-bound horrors.

This set provides enough models to field a Matsudan Gyoji, 6 x Matsudan, 5 Haniwa Marionettes, and a Support Drone.


  • 1x Resin Matsudan Gyoji,
  • 2x Plastic Matsudan Sprue,
  • 1x Plastic Marionettes Sprue,
  • 1x Resin Haniwa Marionette upgrade kit,
  • 12x Plastic SIngle 25mm Round Bases