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Nightstalker Starter

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Nightstalker Starter

The beginnings of a Nightstalker invasion are proceeded by nightmares and paranoia. Even a small concentration of these victims is enough to open up a crack in reality for a few creatures to slip through. These vanguards stalk the night, killing isolated individuals and spreading fear among the populace, inevitably leading to larger breaches.

This set contains enough parts to make 3 x Butchers/Ravagers, 5 x Scarecrows/Spectres, and 1 x Banshee

  • 1x butcher frame,
  • 1x scarecrow/spectre frame,
  • 1x resin banshee,
  • 1x resin FF scarecrow/spectre upgrade set.
  • 5x 25mm round bases,
  • 3x 40mm round MDF bases.