Dreadball Brickbait Vogna Captain

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Dreadball Brickbait Vogna Captain

Brickbat’s combination of cool thinking and violent capability was exactly what The Warden was looking for when assembling his debut
team. Buying his contract from D4-209-C (a privately-owned corporate prison) for cents on the dollar, the Warden watched Vognar
blossom into a capable on-field leader for the Lifers, able to keep his head when the Slams kept coming and keep the other Convicts
on-task. While not particularly forthcoming in post-match interviews, Brickbat nevertheless has a devoted InfoSphere fandom and
would be able to transfer to any team of his choosing, if he wasn’t allegedly serving a life sentence for copyright infringement under the
Warden’s purview



One PVC model only no bases included.