Dreadball Davitz

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Dreadball Davitz

Many Mutant teams find it handy to have a familiar face for fans to identify with, and if they have existing brand recognition, then all the
The only constant in the ever-revolving cast of horrors that comprise the ranks of the Kryptics – apart from the seemingly unhinged
character of Dr Kain – is “Deadman” Davitz. Bearing a rather suspicious similarity to the dearly departed and fondly remembered
Gregor “The Big D” Davitz, the once-star Guard for the Trontek 29ers (before being dismembered by a trio of disgruntled Orcs), the
reborn Davitz brings just as much ferocity to the pitch as the original. It’s just best not to ask how the good Doctor got his hands on him


One PVC model only no bases included.