FIREFIGHT: Enforcer Pre-Orders & More

25th Oct 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hi everyone, Dan here!

Now that the Twilight Kin are sailing (or should that be void-skiffing?) their way to fantasy hobby desks it’s time to reveal our next upcoming releases for our sci-fi gamers!

With rumours of strange and deadly new threats heading to the Warpath Universe in 2024, it’s time to gear up with some heavy weaponry. Today, we have some gorgeous new resin kits and upgrades for your Enforcers in both Deadzone and Firefight.

These are available to pre-order from today (25th October), and will start shipping from the 4th December. Let’s get started!

Enforcer Novashock Peacekeeper Team

After a protracted testing period, fourth-generation Novashock Peacekeeper suits are now deploying into deniable conflict zones throughout the 5 Spheres.

Larger than regular Peacekeeper armour but smaller than a Strider, much of the size of each suit unit is dedicated to cooling systems – enabling the operator to safely operate heavy weaponry with enormous heat outputs. This results in man-portable weaponry suited for engaging resilient targets, even including some armoured vehicles.

Enforcer Damantor Sniper Platform

It is rare to deploy an Enforcer Strike Force on missions with the expectation of a protracted ranged battle. Such wasteful and inefficient warfare is left to other assets, with the Enforcers instead deployed on surgical actions and major raids within theatre. Nonetheless the intensity of warfare throughout the 5 Spheres of GCPS, and the increasing deployment of heavy armour by alien forces, has called for new capabilities.

The Polaris Railgun has been developed for a general anti-armour role on the battlefield, and is an evolution of the Strider-mounted Polaris Cannon. Despite the absence of explosive propellant the immense pressure, stress, and heat generated by this new system required a new kind of weapons platform.

The Damantor Sniper Platform hovers forward on a series of grav-generators. Controlled by an internal computer, additional front and rear-angled generators trigger automatically to compensate for the recoil of each firing solution, accounting for force, range, and even local gravity.  Like a well-trained sniper, the platform perfectly returns to the same point of aim after every round fired, awaiting the platform operator’s next command.

Enforcer Drones

Widely deployed by the Pathfinder Corps, Enforcer drones are an effective ‘force multiplier’ during the opening phases of any major operation.

Far smaller than their larger cousin, the mighty C3M4, these smaller drones are used in a variety of battlefield roles. These compact and versatile platforms are used for varied tasks such as mine deployment, communications, and even to lay down small-arms fire should the situation demand it.

Enforcer Peacekeeper Assault Team with Phase Claws

Peacekeeper Assault Teams were first conceived in response to the escalating threat of the Veer-myn throughout the Exham system and beyond.

The need quickly became apparent for heavily-armoured combat specialists that could withstand sustained melee engagements with an unrelenting enemy horde. It is not unusual to see these teams accompanied by incinerator weaponry, presenting a high-lethality threat across a range of close-quarter scenarios.

Enforcer Assault Team with Phase Claws

Now carried by Enforcer Assault Teams, phase claws are the current iteration of a prototype first trialled by Sergeant Howlett – the much-feared and maverick hero of the Long Patrol’s 14th Expeditionary Force.

Manufactured by Dionetik Corp, these vibrational edged weapons are sharp enough to penetrate anything from carbon lattice armour to the thick hides of silicon-based lifeforms.

But Wait…There’s More

Available to order via Mantic Direct from today (25th October) and shipping next week, the Command Vehicles for Forge Fathers, Veer-myn and Asterians are now available outside of their original Battlegroup Bundles!

Forge Father Karfi Command Tank

The Karfi is able to coordinate the orders and movement patterns of nearby friendly units, making their assault manoeuvres more efficient and deadly.

Veer-myn Tangle Tunneller

Dismissed as a mere rumour for the longest time, or simply believed to be the mad ravings of shell-shocked weaklings, the existence of Veer-myn Tangles has now been confirmed to be no less than a deadly and disturbing fact. It was only a matter of time before a warped Veer-myn mind decided to fuse both these contraptions into one burrowing horror.

Asterian Narsa Command Drone

Many Clades will deploy Narsa Support Drones in support of their other vehicles, with the result being greater than the sum of its parts. The Narsa Command Drone itself uses scanners and relays to improve the targeting solutions and reaction times of surrounding weapon platforms, and functions as an effective ‘force multiplier’ within Asterian forces.