This set contains enough components to build 20 bespoke metal and premium plastic multi-part models, including:

  • 1 Plastic Commando Captain
  • 2 Metal Mawbeasts
  • 2 Plastic Mawbeats Bombers
  • 8 Plastic Commandos
  • 1 Plastic Commando Pyro
  • 4 Plastic Goblin Snipers
  • 2 Plastic Ripper Suits
  • Round Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic and metal models require super glue.

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Even among a galaxy of aggressive races, the conglomerate of species known as the Marauders stand out in their ferocity and natural violence. Raised from single-planet barbarism by the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere to be their perfect soldiers, the Marauders turned on their masters in a rebellion so stunning in its intensity that the GCPS was almost destroyed.

Wherever there is a war you will find the Marauders. Hulking, muscled alien brutes who revel in combat, Marauders are employed as mercenaries by all the major powers in the galaxy. For a Marauder, it does not matter who you fight or why only how much you can pay MGDZO101

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