Sci-fi skirmishes in devastated cities

A tabletop wargame without the hassle, Deadzone strips away unnecessary complications leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle.


In Deadzone, you create a Strike Team of elite fighters, specialists and vehicles. Each squad of around 10 fighters can be upgraded with different equipment and weapons before heading into battle. Add mighty vehicles, monsters or mechs to your gang as you fight for supremacy.


Deadzone features an innovative grid-based playing area, which is used for movement and ranged combat. Quickly move your squad around densely-packed urban environments without the need for measuring. Thanks to this system, games can be played in around an hour!


Each faction comes with their own leaders – all with unique abilities to give their Strike Team a boost. Plus, an extra tactical level is added with Command Dice. Issue additional actions by ‘spending’ your Command Dice… but choose your moment carefully.


Deadzone comes with its own amazing range of hard plastic, modular, sci-fi scenery. Create everything from small factories to entire ruined cities with the TerrainCrate Battlezones. Each piece of scenery fits perfectly with Deadzone’s grid-based system, but you can use the terrain for any sci-fi game.


Deadzone features 10 factions to choose as your Strike Team. From the insidious Veer-myn to the ruthless Enforcers, each has their own unique play style and specialist units.


The reclusive Asterians may seem cold and impersonal and that’s because they are, even when you aren’t talking to one of their host piloted cypher robots. They may be perceived as weak due to their small and nimble frames but they have a mental core of solid steal.

Boasting THE best shots in the whole of Deadzone – and that’s not just limited to the Cyphers. Everyone is pretty handy when it comes to shooting. Along with one of the best melee units in their Kalyshi, who can take down pretty much anything. The Asterians are not to be trifled with.


The Council of Seven’s punishers. When it’s going down this is who humanity turns to… unless you are the part of humanity that has been deemed for liquidation, in which case it’s already too late to run.

Armour on everyone, good shoot and survive stats and a wide range of weapons make the Enforcers a tough nut to crack. They are fast and with the more lightly armoured Pathfinders can secure commanding positions early in the game.

Their only weakness is in close combat but the assault enforcer can hold its own against most comers. Besides who would even let them get that close?


Good saves, armour and excellent weapons (most with armour piercing) to make those Enforcers squeal.  They’ve also got the toughest mech in the game – the Iron Ancestor can hold its own against pretty much anything, so expect it to survive until the last turn.

Forge Guard are heavily armoured and slow but inexorable or you could go for their more lightly armoured Hammerfist brothers to drop right into the heart of your enemy’s force. Even their even more cantankerous cousins the Brokkrs can do some serious damage in melee.


Puny little humans what can they do against aliens? Well outwit you in trade deals, steal all your mineral resources, drain your seas, enslave your population and beat you hands down on firepower.

Specialists like the Ranger allow you to control the battlefield – though don’t expect them to survive until the end, as they will be target no.1! But all the time your opponent is dealing with the Rangers, you will be destroying them with your specialist and heavy weapons teams. Plus, you’ve got access to the widest range of weapons to choose from of any faction – there’s a gun for every occasion in the GCPS.


Take a moment to look at the range of models they have and you’ll see that they have an answer for everything, with fast units like the Mawbeast and Skyscraper able to grab objectives or get into advantageous positions.

Meanwhile, the Commandos are no slouches either with a good shoot and fight and a great survive. Ripper Rainmakers are your Swiss army knife with an answer to everything the enemy can throw at you. Their close combat brethren, the Mauler, can deal out some serious damage too. For pure killing power though, you need look no further than the Hulk with a Strider-sized HEW Cannon to boot.


These guys are just GCPS, aren’t they? Nowhere even close! They have everything the GCPS has and more in the fast attack from Plague victims, psychic support from the Organic Data Storage Unit and the pure destructive capacity of the Aberration.

Don’t forget the lowly Lab Techs who have a very important role in grabbing objectives and keeping your Plague Victims from rampaging with their shock batons.

The security guards are good supporting models, with your Urbana Black Wing Rangers able to scout ahead to secure the best positions for the attack.


These betentacled-aliens are a mixed bunch with some decent shooting in a few models, some great fighting in a few too. However, to use them well you will have to maximise the uniqueness of each model by using stealthy, psychic support and triclinic shards to get the most from them.

The Ogre and Goliath are nigh on unstoppable but only a fool would let them get close. Your Inkers can be critical to keeping your models safe from harm by using their once per game smoke to protect your more vulnerable models from shooting.


The seemingly mindless hordes of infected Plague mean you’re never short for cannon fodder. But the speed of the Plague with Murderbirds, Hellhounds and Teratons can be as shocking as they are destructive.

Keeping you away from melee is tactic 101 for your enemy, so get them to focus on your cheap weak models like dogs, 3a’s and zombies. Whilst they are killing these you will be moving closer with your Aberrations, 2a’s, Bursters and Swarms to tear them apart!


The GCPS has many enemies from the disillusioned, maligned and alien species it has subjugated. This malcontent group is a ripe recruitment field for the Rebs who bring the widest range of alien types of all the factions.

They have an answer for everything; you want combat go Teratons, Kraaw and Sorak. You want shooting go Snipers, Spyhr Lancers and Mortars.

Heavy support with Teratons and shock troopers will ruin anyone’s day and pity the fool who forgets about your lowly Reb troopers.


Hidden for decades just below the surface of humanity’s industrial complexes now is the time for the Veer-Myn to break out of their gloom.

Speed, numbers and hiding are the keys here. Keep your models shielded by smoke grenades and smoke grenade launchers in round 1 and you will tear your opponent apart in round 2 and 3. You have the numbers too so don’t forget to grab those objectives early.

Your bigger models such as the Nightmare, Night Terror and Tunnel Runner are all well suited to shooting and fighting and have good staying power to support your weaker brethren.


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