The Excavator – A mining robot isn’t the obvious thing you expect to find on a DreadBall pitch, especially as an MVP! Doesn’t seem to have stopped the Brokkrs though, and the DGB seem happy to let them get away with it, for now.

Galdo – A Kraaw with no wings and cheap false eyes would not seem to be the ideal candidate for MVP status. But don’t underestimate Galdo’s reserves of grit and sheer stubbornness. The crowd loves an underdog, but they love an underdog who consistently punches above his weight even more.

Asylum – Monster or misunderstood? Nobody knows anymore. The man that Asylum was has long since checked out, and seeing as his new personality isn’t the one that committed the crimes he was incarcerated for, he’s back on the pitch. Just don’t get in his way out on the neodurium – he takes it rather personally…

Lyra the Fixer – You don’t get a nickname like ‘The Fixer’ in the shadier parts of the galaxy without being ruthlessly good at your job. And you don’t keep it when you go legit unless you have a solid neodurium backbone. Nobody messes with this lady and lives very long to regret it.

Neodurium Knuckle Draggers – All Star MVP Pack contains:

The Excavator
Lyra the Fixer
10 Clear Plastic Hex Bases
1 Mantic Point
1 Mantic Carry Case with Foam

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Science fiction miniatures sports board gaming figures containing 4 All-Star MVP players in this great box-set.

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