This set contains 12 PVC models, including:

11 PVC Judwan Strikers
1 PVC Prone figures
Clear Plastic Hex Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. PVC requires super glue.

Now includes alternate poses!

Please note that this team does not come with DreadBall Team Cards, Mantic points, or packaging.

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The Judwan are a placid, calm and peaceful race and the tiny number of Judwanese teams play an odd game of DreadBall. They have neither Guards nor Jacks and never try to damage their opponents; they simply outplay them. A Judwan Striker needs no glove to catch or throw the ball, instead of using his long, lithe arms and slender fingers to launch the ball with as much or more speed as other races. Their games are fast and often surprising, with a tendency to end suddenly in a 7-point landslide.






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