The world exists in a constant state of turbulence. There are those that seek more than just their own domain; they wish to destroy all that would oppose them and conquer the whole land for their own desires. As of recent times, the land itself cries out in pain. The world has been rent by dark forces, creating a chasm filled with hellfire and nightmarish creatures. The people of the realm call this place the Abyss. From this pit of darkness emerged winged stone gargoyles, baleful horned demons, and elementals of hellfire called efreets. They torture and taint the earth with every step they take, every breath they breathe.

All hope for the land is not lost, though. Heroes that stand on the side for the forces of good take the guise of various statures. Whether they come in the form of forest dwelling elves with their understanding of the land, dwarfs who dwell deep underground and bring with them their knowledge of craft and technology, salamanders whose fiery tenacity knows no bounds, or men who are born and bred to fight wars, the darkness of the Abyss shall always have someone to contend against.

This anthology is a collection of ten short stories that span the Edge of the Abyss campaign in the Kings of War universe. Each story has been tailored to fit into the overall lore of the universe, having worked closely with Mantic, as well as unified under my guidance to create one overarching universe for our fiction. Even though the stories can be read in any order, we’ve purposely ordered them as so that the first is the earliest in our narrative, while the last brings the most recent developments.

Features stories by Duncan Waugh, C.L. Werner, C.W. Conduff, Andrew McKinney, Robert E. Waters, Michael McCann, Scott Washburn, Bill Donohue, Marc DeSantis and Brandon Rospond

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Over a decade after violating his ruthless orders from his superiors in the Basilean military, ex-legion captain Dionne emerges from hiding in the Mountains of Tarkis, leading a force of rebels against the dark forces of the Abyss. Desperate to clamp down on the popular rebel leader, the Basilean Duma dispatches a force to bring the former legion officer to justice. Leading the paladins of this force is Tancred, freshly promoted and harboring political ambitions of his own. Under the brutal leadership of Hugh, the commander of the force, Tancred must struggle to find the balance between obeying orders, following the path of righteousness, and advancing his own ambitions. MGWENV002


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