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This expansion is for a previous edition of Kings of War and presented here purely for historical purposes. You’ll find plenty of background fluff and may be able to use some of the rules or scenarios but mileage will vary.

You have been warned!

Kings and Legends is a 48 page expansion supplement for Kings of War which contains rules for a host of Living Legends, mighty heroes and villains who bring even more character to the world of Mantica.

Most of the Living Legends from the Kings of War book make an appearance, with expanded backgrounds and additional rules which let you customise units in their army to reflect the forces they fought alongside. There are also several new Living Legends, including several who were created with the direct input of the Kings of War community.

Finally, the book contains the brand-new Ogre force list. No longer confined to the Kingdoms of Men force list as mercenaries, the Ogres can now take to the field as an entire army in their own right!

Please note that you will need a copy of the Kings of War Rulebook<http://www.www.manticgames.com/Shop-Home/Kings-of-War/Getting-Started/Product/Kings-of-War-Rulebook.html> (available as a download from the Mantic Website) to use this supplement.

* Rules and background for over 20 Living Legends including the Green Lady, Grokagamok and Lady Ilona
* The new Ogre force list. MGDG103

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