A2 Pannithor Map

Discover the world of Pannithor like never before. This incredibly detailed A2 map contains the names of key locations and takes a wider view of the world, with new cities and places to explore.

Limited Edition Resin Turn Counter

Never forget what Turn it is, with the limited Edition Resin Turn Counter. The chubby Abyssal has taken a break from carrying his warlock master and is now carrying a resin dice. This piece will only be available for a limited time only!

Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Kings of War Diorama

This incredible resin diorama captures a dramatic battle between the Northern Alliance Clarion and the insidious Nightstalker Dream Hunter. The diorama comes with a resin base and both miniatures can be removed to use as Heroes in your games of Kings of War.

Please note this does not contain any rulebooks.




The Kings of War: Third Edition Collectors Bundle has been created for everyone that wants to celebrate their love of KoW.  You’ll get a limited edition resin diorama, limited edition resin turn counter, and A2 map of Pannithor.


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