• 40x Plastic Riftforged Orcs (Assembles both Riftforged and Reborn Legionaries)
  • 1x Resin Stormcaller
  • 3x Resin Thunderseers
  • 41x 25mm square heavy infantry bases
  • 3x 50mm square MDF bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.


Who are the Riftforged Orcs?

Rob takes a look at the Lore. Who are they and what does being Riftforged mean?

He’s quick to point out who’s to blame and still manages to talk about goblins!

Riftforged Orcs rules interview

Rob interviews Matt James from the RC about the rules for the Riftforged orcs and how they play on the tabletop.

A great insight into the playstyles we can expect from this elite army.

Halflings vs Orcs

Designing the Riftforged Orcs

Dave talks about designing the Riftforged orcs and the concepts behind them.

Giving you a look into the depths of the studio and maybe a sneak peek what else might be coming!

Faction Preview from Master Crafted

Our own Kyle (aka Master Crafted) talks about his favourite bits about the Riftforged Orcs.

With a focus on Lore and Rules, Kyle gives a great preview into the army!

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With twisted bodies animated by the power of a raging storm, their souls infused with very essence of the Nexus, the orcs that emerged from Garkan’s flesh forges were unlike any that had come before them. Their cracked skin was of a green-grey hue, and broader, more muscular, and yet possessed of a cruel cunning and impressive martial prowess, these ‘Riftforged orcs’ were truly Garkan’s finest creation.


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