• OverDrive
    • 1x Plastic Karadon Giant
    • 1x Plastic Brank Reborn Giant
    • 1x Plastic Skarathron Giant
    • 1x Plastic Synechdoche
    • 1x Plastic Dozer Giant
    • 1x Plastic Nameless Spawn Giant
    • 8 Player Cards (Large Size)
    • Card Insert
    • 6x Tri-Hex Bases
    • 12x Six sided dice
    • 56-page Rulebook
    • Punchboard
    • Game board (folded)
  • Rival Pack: Trigrax vs Shadow
    • 1x Resin Tigrax
    • 1x Resin Shadow
    • 2x Tri-Hex Bases
    • 2x Player Cards (Large Size)
  • Coach Abilities and Sponsorship Cards
    • 40 Cards

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.


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It’s time to hit the arena, Coach! Draft your team and get ready to face-off in one of six different action-packed game modes. Pass the bomb, capture the flag or fight to become king of the hill – but knowing when to unleash your players’ powerful OverDrive move will be key to coming out on top. Whatever you do, don’t go down without a fight!

The All in Bundle includes the following:


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