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Pre-OrderNew Plague Infection Starter
Plague Infection Starter


Pre-OrderNew Rival Pack: The Viking vs Barricade 2.0
Rival Pack: The Viking vs Barricade 2.0


Pre-OrderNew Marauder Commando Starter
Marauder Commando Starter


Pre-OrderNew Marauder Fire Support Booster
Marauder Fire Support Booster


Pre-OrderNew Marauder Frontal Assault Booster
Marauder Frontal Assault Booster


Pre-OrderNew Salamander Corsairs Troop
Salamander Corsairs Troop


Pre-OrderNew Marauder Gruntbot/Bolts
Marauder Gruntbot/Bolts


Pre-OrderNew Plague Corruption
Plague Corruption


Pre-OrderNew Marauder Ripper Rainmakers/Maulers
Marauder Ripper Rainmakers/Maulers


Pre-OrderNew Salamander Lekelidon
Salamander Lekelidon


Pre-OrderNew Halfing Muster Captain on Aralez
Halfing Muster Captain on Aralez


Pre-OrderNew Salamander Battle Captain
Salamander Battle Captain


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