Forces of Nature Ambush Starter Set

Earn 3,500 Reward Points

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Forces of Nature Ambush Starter Set

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To be neutral in the world of Pannithor is not merely a refusal to align oneself with this race or that, nor merely a failure to declare for the forces of good or evil. For the Forces of Nature, natural balance and ecological harmony are the guiding influences. The Green Lady seeks always to preserve balance in the world, to stave off the dominance of good and evil alike, and to crush those who would seek to undo it, whoever they may be.


30 x Hard Plastic Naiads

10 x Hard Plastic Salamanders

1 x MDF 100x80mm Base

1 x MDF 100x40mm Base

1 x MDF 125x50mm Base

1 x Force of Nature Ambush Sheet

1 x Ambush Rulebook

NOTE: Supplied unpainted and unassembled.