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Twilight Kin Army

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Twilight Kin Army
Dwelling in their underworld caverns for so long has brought physical changes upon the Twilight Kin. They are paler than other elves, their skin taking on a sickly, almost pasty cast. The beauty of their countenances is clouded by a cruelty that has become almost innate to them. The Voidwalkers and those who commune with entities from the Void, have peculiar eyes that convey a terrible intensity that is unnerving to look upon.


16x Hard Plastic Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens

6x Hard Plastic Impalers

10x Hard Plastic Voidtouched Mutants/Weavers

1x Resin Void Captain

2x MDF 100x40mm Bases

2x MDF 150x50mm Bases

1x MDF 125x50mm Base

1x Hard Plastic 25mm Square Base

1x Twilight Kin Guide

1x Twilight Kin Rules Booklet

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.

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While the elves are one of the most noble races of Pannithor, the Twilight Kin are anything but. Though they share a common history, the Twilight Kin have developed a dark and disturbing culture and fighting style that has diverged drastically from other elven kindreds.

The rites of the Twilight Kin have created many places where the veil between dimensions has weakened and allowed Nightstalkers to slip into the mortal plane, with or without a crone to summon them – and in battle the Kin use Nightstalkers to bolster their ranks.

The twisted elves from the Pit of Despair will do whatever it takes to trigger the Great Return and restore their lost city of Ileureleith to its former glory…even if that comes at the expense of the other races of Pannithor.

The Void will swallow all!