Bring The Background To The Foreground – TerrainCrate Three – Ronnie Explains All

16th Nov 2022

Jonny Mann

Hey, Ronnie here,  


…and back to talk about one of my lifelong passions.  

I think most of you know, I do love a bit of terrain (almost as much as I dislike bards!), so it is kind of amazing that is has taken me nearly 40 years of fantasy and sci-fi gaming to finally realise something, that once seen – can never be unseen!!! 

“What, Ronnie – tell us what is so wrong with our gaming tables?” – I (pretend to) hear you ask! 

Well – it’s those trees!

They were made for Model Railways….at a different scale, and whilst the good ones look like upside down toilet brushes, the bad ones don’t even bare thinking about!

Oh – and couple that with the fact it’s impossible to find affordable and easy to build scatter terrain for sci-fi battlefields – but let me talk trees first!

As you can see – beautiful, painted miniatures, next to less than sci-fi/fantasy trees, that just look aesthetically terrible!

But no more! 

TerrainCrate 3: Bring The Background To The Foreground

Everything in TerrainCrate 3 is designed to be: 

  • Looking fantastic!
  • Effortless!
  • Affordable! 

Looking Fantastic – with variety!!!

All the trees have been designed with a universal fitting, so every piece can go together in infinite ways – working up from a base, through the middle pieces and ending with a topper. Toppers come in lots of shape and sizes to give your tree line a totally unique feel so no two trees need look the same!

Whilst having lots of beautiful detail so your scenery is the same standard as your armies – and they will work as well on a highly detail diorama as they will all the way up to an apocalypse table! 

And with lots of surface detail the trees and scatter are simple to paint and get on the table with speed, a quick undercoat and drybrush and away you go! – but they also hold enough detail for those that want to take the scenery to the next level. 


We are all happy to spend time, and effort, getting our armies ready. Not so much with the terrain!  

All the pieces in this Kickstarter, both trees and scatter, have been created to both withstand constant use  – they will not break or smash as you move and game with them*. 

And most importantly…

All TC3 pieces have all been designed to minimise assembly time – from scatter which is table ready from the box (If you don’t want to paint it), to the trees where literally a couple of seconds of gluing at the universal fitting areas will get you a 5.5inch (14cm) tree!  

*Editor notes – Even Ronnie hasn’t broke one yet!


If the choice is another cool hero for your army, or some boring terrain we know what is going to win your hard earned hobby money… 

So we are going at this hard – not only are these new trees and scatter going to make your gaming table look as gorgeous as your minis, they are going to be crazy, good value too!

We are talking just a few buck/quid for an entire crate of plastic terrain – and some of these pieces are big, yet we still manage to give you several forests worth of trees or towns worth of scatter!

Seriously these crates are coming in almost at a price even 3D home printing will be unable to match – leaving your printer free for other acts of 3D printing insanity – of which more news is coming!!! 😉

We want everyone, what ever game they play, to be able to do so on stunning tables and still be able to afford the miniatures to fight with!  

But that’s not all! 

With this being Mantic we are taking care of all your other needs too, all as part of delivering an amazing Kickstarter that gets you the gaming table of your dreams with the minimum of fuss and effort, so we will also have: 

  • Templates for your woods – AND YOUR BUILDINGS – so you never argue again about where the terrain starts or ends!

  • Themed mats in various sizes – from 4×4 through 44×60 (!) and 6×4…that tie in seamlessly to the templates too!  

  • Fantasy and sci-fi gaming table add-ons with a selection of buildings, ruins or scatter to further theme your table – at a ridiculously great price of course!   
  • And an early bird pledge with two crates and a gaming mat of your choice to give you a simple one click instant gaming table!

This is going to be a HUGE tooling project from us, and we really do need your help.

You can follow the Campaign and sit eagerly waiting for launch by hitting the button below!

The pledge levels are extraordinary compared to retail prices, making it an absolute no brainer to get on board. Please do join us next week when the TerrainCrate Three Tree campaign goes live and help us bring the background to the foreground!