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Dungeon Saga Exclusive 3 Pack 10 Mantic points


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Dungeon Saga Exclusive 3 Pack 10 Mantic points

Blaine is a feared tyrant and disgraced warlord from mount Kolosu. He is rumored to have traversed the underworld, only to be cast out by dark forces and returned to the deserts in the south. A wicked and deceitful monster, Blaine wields his curse spear Skull hunter to great effect, with jets of red lightning bursting from its tip, seeking out his targets with deadly effect.

Please be aware that this is a Mantic Points product for use with the points provided on our retail packaging



1x PVC Halfling fighter, 1x Tavern keeper with a dog and one Tyrant King Blaine.


This is a mantic point product and requires you to send us the 10 points before we ship the product.