There are just 9 days remaining of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game 2nd Edition on Kickstarter and here are 5 reasons we think you should get involved:

5) The Galaxy’s Greatest Sport

Stunning strikes, bone-crunching slams, DreadBall is the only sci-fi sports game with fast, frantic action and stunning match-ready miniatures.

dreadball season 4 hobgoblins vs teratons

4) Competitive Leagues and Tournaments

DreadBall 2nd Edition is supported by a huge range of balanced, unique teams and a competitive league system that promotes player advancement and repeat play, with further support coming from Organised Play packs, global rankings website and free core rules from our website.


3) Which team will you choose?

A massive amount of choice, there are currently 27 DreadBall teams to choose from, each with unique playstyles and balanced rules in the Team Guide. Choices include bashy Marauders, teleporting Teratons, lightning-fast Veer-myn and transforming Robots, we will have a comprehensive guide to choosing a team on the blog over the next few days.


2) Set in the unique Warpath universe

Even as the races in the Warpath universe tear themselves apart in fierce battles on the fringes of space, so to do they tear themselves apart on the DreadBall pitches of the far future.


1) Awesome Rewards

Kickstarter projects allow you to get involved on the ground floor – you help make things happen and can have your say on rules development, the look and feel of the miniatures and more. In exchange, you get a hefty discount and plenty of awesome rewards we couldn’t make elsewhere…


Veteran Pledge Level

The Jack ($45/£34) pledge level is perfect for players looking to get the essential items to upgrade their collection for 2nd Edition, but it’s Striker ($100/£75) where new players and collectors should be heading. It currently includes two £18 teams, a new pitch, all the exclusives PLUS every stretch goal, with a third team up next.

Goal: 1750 Backers or more

Elmer and Dobs, our infamous commentary team that also doubles as a events card holder is a Kickstarter Exclusives that’s included free in Striker ($100/£75) when we get 1750 backers to the campaign.


If you support it now you will count towards the backer number and help unlock this cool freebie!

Points (Backers?) make prizes

Please help us spread the word about the Kickstarter and raise that backer count – there’s bonus Yndij for Striker backers if we break 1500 backers.


The All-Seeing Eye

The characterful Eye in the Sky is part of the plastic counter set included in the Jack ($45/£34*) pledge and up.


BONUS: Make a sweet deal even sweeter!

Often the add-ons are just as exciting as the pledge levels. Here’s our pick of the bunch!

Welcome to the Jungle

Azure Forest gets 2nd Edition rules and an upgraded, deluxe rubber Forest pitch to provide you with a high quality alternate playing surface for your DreadBall games.


In a league of its own

Containing 3 DreadBall pitches, 3 counter sets, 3 RefBots, a whole bag of balls and 3 card decks, adding this set onto Striker gives you enough bits for an 8 person league! Oh, and it’s this price for the Kickstarter only.


Ultimate DreadBall

With a new shape and new artwork (don’t worry, you can still use the new Ultimate rules with your old pitch), we’ve got a brand new Deluxe Ultimate Gaming Pitch too.


Shake it off!

Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to dice. Especially dice with custom logos. But when those custom dice come with unique DreadBall Dice Shakers and a Dice Bag then it’s just very hard to resist!


DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is now on Kickstarter and ends Sunday Midnight BST Sunday 7th August. Please pledge your support now.

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