There are just 10 days of The Walking Dead Kickstarter to go. To help you decide on whether you’re going to dive in or not, from free exclusives to great gameplay, here are our top 5 reasons why we think you’ll love this game.

5) It’s a game of survival where everything is trying to kill you.


In The Walking Dead miniatures game, you’ll collect survivors and equipment to build your faction, kit them out with equipment and go scavenging for supplies. Standing between you and your precious loot will be a desperate group of enemy survivors and walkers controlled by an intelligence system unique to the game.

Add in unpredictable events and you’ve got a challenging game full of intense set pieces and memorable cinematic moments. You’ll never forget the time that Rick blasts Derek off the top of an RV or Carl succumbs to the merciless biting and clawing of the herd…

You can play the game solo against the walkers, play through the storyline using the scenarios, or take part in a series of linked games using the basic campaign rules.

4) There is exclusive content if you support the Kickstarter

The Walking Dead starter set in the sweet-spot Something to Fear pledge level is a Collector’s Edition version that comes in a special box. There are also exclusive figures such as Michonne in a unique pose and 3D Sheriff’s Badge initiative counter – with more exclusives to come!


Who is Abraham? Find out here.

You will get an exclusive free item added to your pledge if the campaign gets a certain level of backers.

If we get 3,000 backers we’ll give everyone at our entry-level March to War pledge level and up, including our retailer pledge, a free Kickstarter Exclusive Abraham figure – you’ll be among the first to take him to battle as Abraham will not feature in the first four waves of retail releases!

We need less than 300 backers to unlock Abraham – please help spread the word!

3) Play as your favorite characters

In the Walking Dead, you’ll build your group from survivors ripped straight from the pages of the comic. Of course if you want to build your own unique characters there are rules to do that also.


Since the Kickstarter started we now have over 61 unique miniatures, including favorites like Tyreese and Michonne on the campaign.

2) It’s easy to get started

All of the miniatures are single-piece hero figures and the simple, affordable starter set includes everything you need to get playing – all you have to do pop some counters out and you’re good to go!


You can get started for not very much at all – the March to War pledge gets you a copy of the retail starter set plus extra boosters, scenery and exclusives for just $75.

Or, if you want to dive right in, for $50 more Something to Fear gets you two expansions full of gameplay, scenery and equipment, and a heap of booster miniatures like Glenn and Tyreese!

See the full contents of both pledges here.

1) There’s more to come…

… surely the Governor wouldn’t miss the last week of the Kickstarter?


The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Kickstarter closes February 29 at 15:59 PT, 18:59 ET and11:59pm GMT. Please pledge your support here.

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