Everyone loves a hero. They drive fantasy worlds and stories, challenging evil, employing humorous quips, battling terrifying foes and being all-round epic (unless they’re Ronaldo the Bard!).

Dungeon Saga lets you fight as heroes against countless evils. Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest introduces the four heroes of Dolgarth:

HeroesMadriga, the Elven Ranger, Rordin, the Dwarven Fighter, Orlaf, the Human Barbarian, Danor the Human Wizard.

Together, you must face the undead horrors of Mortibris, the Necromancer and overthrow his plans for world domination. Fighting through the haunted Dwarven hold will take all of your heroes’ strength, valour and cunning, but emerging triumphant will name you heroes of Legend.

Each expansion to the game also includes additional heroes, such as Arianya, the Naiad Demon Hunter, or the Spirit of Valandor. We have many more on the way and each of them adds to you cast of heroes for games.

Using the Adventurer’s companion will allow you to create your own heroes, who will learn and gain experience overtime as they master their skills. You can pit these against any opponent you wish – the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Will you choose a Salamander Wizard or an Elven thief? A Dwarvern Bard or a Human Cleric? The choice is yours!


Of course, for every hero, the is a villain.; those who would see the world burn and all that is good decay and die. Mortibris is chief among these, a powerful Necromancer who pulls the dead from their rest to enact his will. He takes lieutenants with him, like Hoggar the Zombie Troll Shaman, or the trapped spirit of Elshara, doomed to prey on others as a banshee. In Dungeon Saga, you can play as the villain – pitted against the naïve adventurers. Let them come, you have minions to drag them to their deaths. If they should dare to oppose you in person, then you will crush them like the insects they are.

Each expansion includes an overlord – an antagonist who opposes the heroes in their quest. Mortibris is far from the only evil-doer in the world. The Infernal Crypts are the realm of the Abyssal Champion Drech’Nok, the Destroyer, whilst the insane Ba’el rages among the ruins of Du’lan Var, bound there for all eternity.


The Adventurer’s Companion also lets you create your own overlord and boss character to face the heroes one on one. Each expansion builds on the cards already included in the set, so that you can add unique flavour to how you want to control your minions. Of course, a villain is a hero by another name and there is nothing got stop you from creating evil heroes who invade a dungeon controlled by a good overlord.

Create and combine heroes, face powerful foes and complete epic quests. Make yourselves worthy of legend!

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest and a host of expansions are available from our website, or any good hobby retailer. Start your adventure now!

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