Some of the most exciting releases to come out with Dungeon Saga are our new plastic Dungeon Doors and Dungeon Furniture. Included in every copy of Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest and available separately, these hard plastic pieces will find a home in any dungeon your create.


A Dungeon to call your own


The Dungeon Furniture set includes four barrels, two tables, four chests (with removable lids!) a well, two bookcases, a stone altar, a dwarvern throne, a weapon rack with dwarvern weapons, a lectern and an open book – loads to use around your dungeons. Each item come pre-assembled and cast in brown plastic, so you can use the pieces right out of the box without needing to paint them. For those of you who do want to apply paint, there are a lot of fun details to get stuck into, such as potions on one of the bookcases, or dwarvern runes inlaid on the throne.


The Dungeon Doors set comes with ten doors, of five different varieties. There and two double doors and and two portcullises and a selection of arched fantasy style doorways to block the heroes’ paths. Each door has a stone frame surrounding it, as well as locks and intricate hinges . As with the furniture, these come in brown plastic with each door cast in a single piece – ready to use straight out of the box.

Uses outside of Dungeon Saga


Whilst there are rules for using all of these in games of Dungeon Saga, they would work well with any table-top dungeon crawler that you wish to play. The range will blend with any models around the 28mm scale, making your adventures even more immersive.


If Dungeon Crawlers aren’t your thing, you can use this terrain in any fantasy environment. For example, Ronnie’s Dwarf Army for Kings of War uses one of the weapon racks and an objective marker. Other pieces of terrain can be used as scatter terrain in your games, or a unit fillers or parts of dioramas. Why not create a baggage wagon by adding the chests and barrels or a chariot model, or create and unholy altar for your Necromancer to cast spells from? You could even turn the whole set into the desolate ruins of a razed village; now the site of a desperate battle. The doors themselves can be mounted on any suitable wall with little effort and be used to turn a simple box into a fort or hovel. Ultimately, your creativity and imagination with these pieces are the only limits, so why not pick up a set of each and see what you can do?

What other dungeon terrain would you like to see us create in the future?

The Dungeon Doors and Dungeon Furniture are available as part of Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest, as well as being sold sperately. Pick them up from our webstore or your local hobby retailer now!

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