Hey guys!  Community Pat and Pathfinder John Jack come at you with A Road to Firefight.  These two guys have created a 1000pt list for Warpath: Firefight and are going to go through their hobby process.  Keep a watch out for their progress!

Alright, alright, alright! Let’s talk Warpath! Firefight to be exact. So we have The Road to Firefight, a four to five week blog following Pathfinder John Jack and I, Community Pat as we create our lists, build our forces and play a game of Firefight. Think of it as a cross between a team building and hobby exercise.

So for my list I decided to go with what I know and I created a 1000pt list of Marauders. Here is what I’ve taken.

Commando Capt.                               110 pts

  • Rifle                                               5 pts
  • Toxic Gas Grenades                  10 pts

Mercenary Warlord                          110 pts

  • Rifle                                               5 pts

10 Orc Commandos                          180 pts

  • 2 HMG                                        40 pts
  • Commando Sgt                         40 pts

10 Orc Commandos                          180 pts

  •  2 HMG                                       40 pts
  •  Commando Sgt                         40 pts

1 Hulk                                                    90 pts

1 Stuntbot                                          140 pts


990 pts

I went with both Generals as to maximize my Command Pool. With the Tactical Genius Special Order, I wanted all the dice I could get. I also wanted the Warlord Merc around with the Ripper Claw in case I need some hand to hand crushy-ness.

Since Warpath is a game of holding objectives and strategic assets, I wanted as many grunts as I could get so I decided to go with 2 units of ten Orcs. I upgraded both squads with HMG’s to get a little suppression support as well as upgrading a model to a Sgt. With a nerve of 2, the +1 Nerve the Sgt provides is worth the points in my book.

My last two choices were a Hulk and a Stuntbot. I chose the Hulk to handle basically anything related to Forges and Fathers. With a Polaris Cannon and AP: 6, if someone wanted to drop a Sturnhammer or a Brandr, I’d have an option. My plan for the Stuntbot was a mobile platform to handle the massive infantry choices of other lists with either shooting or hand to hand.

So that’s my 1000pt list. Next week I’ll show my steps on how I’m painting my Commandos. See you then.

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