A True Living Legend

27th Jan 2021

Rob Burman

Hi everyone, Kyle here – the North American Trade Sales Executive here at Mantic and host of the Master Crafted YouTube Channel with a blog about my good friend Jesse.

Arguably, one of the best things about Mantic’s games are the incredible communities that thrive around them. One of Kings of War’s best is a man named Jesse Cornwell. Jesse has been a crucial part of the fun and positivity that surround the game today. He embodies the light hearted nature of tabletop gaming with an endless supply of wit and humor that has graced many of you with smiles and laughter. Winning practically every ‘best sport’ trophy the tournaments he’s played in, even his opponents agree: win or lose, Jesse makes sure you’re having fun while playing the game.

This Clash of Kings review video is Jesse at his absolute best.

Jesse is fighting a harrowing battle with cancer. At Mantic, we decided to honor his countless contributions to the game with a new model from his favorite faction, Ogres. Not only that, we wanted his direct input on the design process. With the Ogre Warlock in need of a new model, this was the perfect opportunity to put our heads together and make something extra cool.

Anyone familiar with Jesse’s antics will undoubtedly recognize certain pizza related deity symbolism in both the belt and staff. This is also present in Jesse’s extremely popular magic item, Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding. He felt it was also important to include trinkets and trophies from the Ogres’ mercenary work, throwing in a personal jab to his brother and myself with a Twilight Kin bracer dangling from the staff. I’ve lost to him enough times to agree that this is entirely appropriate.

There’s the paw of a Gur Panther to represent the frequent Ogre cooperation with the Basileans and a shell dangling from its belt to show a bond with the Trident Realm. On the back of the model is a skull, representing the heavy disdain for Undead. Jesse loves the lore in Pannithor and took his task of designing a model that would fit right in. Personally, I love the nod to some of his favorite opponents over the years.

I met Jesse at Adepticon in 2017 where he was matched up against me in round 5. His Ogres took victory in the Dominate scenario over my Twilight Kin setting up a rivalry and deep friendship that will stand the test of time. I’m so incredibly proud of the impact he has had on the thousands of Kings of War fans all over the world. His Mammoth contributions will always be a part of the game.

I’ve always felt that while none of us are here forever, our deeds and actions live on. Many of you have stories and unforgettable interactions with Jesse over the years. Please share them with friends and family and especially those new players you welcome into the game. Always find a way to make your opponent smile and make a lasting memory from your encounter. That’s the best of what Jesse represents. When we first met, he jokingly asked if I could make him famous…

Mission accomplished, buddy.

The Ogre Warlock model will be available from Mantic Games later this year. We recommend a nice coat of glossy finish to make it extra ‘sweaty.’