Allright, allright, allright! We are closing in on AdeptiCon! We’re just over a week away to a great weekend of fun and games. Just wanted to drop a quick rundown that will be happening next weekend.

Let’s start with the bread and butter baby. Thursday starts the fun and games with the How You Use It tournament. This is a long standing standard at AdpetiCon. All armies stay at the table. Only you, the General, moves so each round you are commanding a new army. This is a great way to test your ability to lead whatever is in front of you.

Finishing out the night is a Speed Touranment. Are you able to move an army with a limited amount of time to grab victory. This is a three round tournament that decreases in time each round. Times for each round are 25 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes total.

Friday has the Kings of War Big Game being played all day. This is a giant eight foot board with TEN THOUSAND POINTS a side! That’s right TEN THOUSAND! No experience needed. This is a great fun way to learn the game in a casual setting.

Finally at last Saturday brings us the North American Clash of Kings! The winner of this tournament will be crowned the National Champion as well as grab a free ride to the United Kingdom to challenge the Brits at the UK National Championship. Standing in your way will be the UK Clash of Kings Champion Dom Goodacre. Fan favorite, in the UK only, Nick Williams will also be making an attempt to stop the North Americans from getting a ride to the UK. Who will bring the title home!

This year at AdeptiCon we have our first annual Vanguard National Championship. Vanguard has been a stellar hit and we look forward to this tournament. One of fastest tournament to sell out at the Con, we are eager to see everyone Warbands. Special thanks and shout out to Game Matz for hooking us up with play mats for the tournament.

One of the most exciting sports game around makes and appearance at AdeptiCon again this year. Thursday evening has League in a Night happening. This is a hard core, play a league season in one night. Play your games, advance your player skills and stats and see if you can finish first in the league.

Saturday bring the 6th annual AdeptiCorp Cup which crowns the National Championship. Will the number 1 rank Geoff Burbidge take home the crown of National Champion? To do so, he has to go through all the NADC regional champions who are in attendance to represent their regions as well as take the title back to their own Corporation.

We haven’t forgotten about the Walkers! They’ll be about Friday and Saturday in the Walker Challenge. Play hero against hero fighting over the limited supply sacks, all the while surrounded by an overwhelming horde. This is a hop on hop off event. Play a round, step away for a bit and then come back and try out another hero and see if you can do better. On a side contest, the participant who kills the most zombies over the weekend will receive a special Walker 3up.

Not to be forgotten, the greatest game will have plenty to do also. Friday and Saturday has version 3 of Mechzone and will hosted by Rob and Jack from Deadzone the Podcast fame….or infamy…you decide. In Mechzone you will pilot one of the six unique mechs and in a battle royal decide who will be The Chosen One!

Friday will also have Deadzone: The Movie. Command an elite force of Enforcers led by a flat top Capt, a gun happy heavy weapon enforcer, the good looking Enforcer who always save a damsel in distress no matter where they are and many more. Can you get your squad to the Hornet before you’re overwhelmed by a horde of Veer-myn.

If that’s not enough on Saturday we have Doom Ball. This Veer-myn pastime pits you against other Doom Wheels in an effort to get an oversized ball into the goal. The Veer-myn find this enjoyable, so feel free to form your own opinion.

Lastly, Friday evening is the Deadzone National Championship. Andrew Sharp, from Weight of Fire has decided to come to the US and try and wrest the title from the US. I’m sure he’ll find the competition a little stiffer than the watered down martini he was drinking in his challenge acceptance video.

We finally come to Mantic Open Night. The yearly event that has Ronnie singing Simply Red songs and spilling too much info. Tickets are on sale but not for long and space is limited. For your fee, you’ll get a limited pint glass, free drink tickets, nice little items from Ironheart Artisand and Outrider Hobbies as well as a few other surprises.

After the Q&A with Ronnie, Chopper and Rob, the room will be open to gaming from games of Hellboy, Here’s Negan and Dreadball Ultimate. There will be challenge game of Deadzone and Dreadball with Andrew Sharp and Rob Burman respecitively. Andrew hoping to regain confidence after losing in the National Championship and Rob looking to see what it’s like to play with big league coaches.

All joking aside, Mantic Night is a great time of camaraderie with the Mantic Community and we are glad that some of the UK can be a part of it.

That’s the fun filled weekend for AdeptiCon. If you have gotten your tickets, get on it! It’ll be another year before this will happen again! See you in a couple of days!

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