Allright, allright, allright! Now that we’ve run through Dreadball let’s start to talk about a friend of ours, Deadzone!  Forget about it! Deadzone will come at your Friday morning at 8am.  200 point strike force list, no elites, no mercs and at the time of typing this up 3 spots left!

The format will be 4 games and the one with the most Tournament Points will be crowned the AdeptiCon Champion!


This year we have custom missions for the 4 games: Occupy, Rescue, Tower Defense, and Weapons Lab.  Those are available in the Deadzone Tournament Pack.   Occupy is a simpler version of Search and Destroy.  Rescue is similar to scour but you are rescuing survivors from the center of the board. Tower Defense is almost like it says, keep your tower standing while knocking down your opponenets. Last is Weapons Lab. It’s a risky mission because all the items you are scouring can and will explode unless you can get it back in time.

I’m excited to see everyone’s Strike Force.  This year we’ll have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Sportsperson and Best Painted Strike Force.  The new Warpath Universe trophies is going to be sweet!

See you in a couple of weeks!

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