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Let’s Go Cracking Skulls (again)!

24th Feb 2023

Dan Mapleston

Yes – you guessed it from the teaser videos…

It’s time to go adventuring again: Dungeon Saga is back!

Many of you have happy memories battling Mortibris and his dastardly minions in the original Dungeon Saga, through the depths of the Dwarf King’s Hold, and all the way to a climactic final showdown with Karrathor The Unbroken (the BIG dragon!) in The Tyrant of Halpi.

Madriga, Orlaf, Danor and Rordin have found their way through many tight spots, and been dungeon-delving across gaming tables ever since the original game.

Well, the series is back and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Dungeon Saga Origins is a show-stopping new dungeon crawler that blends classic fantasy with clean modern rules – and a very special ‘Legendary Edition’ is coming to Kickstarter soon. A prequel to the original Dungeon Saga, and a fresh entry point for the series, it will be jam-packed with the amazing value and beautiful all-new miniatures you’ve come to expect.

We’ve made great dungeon crawlers before, but Dungeon Saga Origins is a new high point – the culmination of everything we’ve learned along the way. This is a fun, immersive, and accessible game you can play at your club, casually with friends, and with your family – it’s time to give the next generation a proper education in fantasy adventure!

The rules are clean and intuitive, and still offer all the interesting choices that our dungeon-delving veterans love. You’ll find challenging scenarios, linked campaign games, special character abilities, and the ability to carry (or trade) your gold, items and equipment between quests.

For Kings of War players, the campaign will be your first proper look at the new Twilight Kin – who will feature in a fully-fledged Dungeon Saga Origins expansion of their own! If you fancy fighting a terrifying new enemy in the dungeons of Pannithor, here’s a small glimpse of the evil marching your way…

There’s a huge buzz around the Mantic Bunker for this one, and hopefully you can see why! Please tell your friends, spread the word, and shout it from the rooftops – Dungeon Saga Origins is going to be something incredibly special.

We’re going to be doing a full Q&A video with Ronnie next week as we build up to the campaign, so make sure to stay tuned for more awesome reveals. Get your questions in to us on our social media pages, and we’ll pick the best to respond to in the video.

Most importantly: to make sure you don’t miss the start of the adventure CLICK HERE!