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Armada – how to fix bent orc masts

23rd Nov 2020

Rob Burman

Armada fleets are now sailing around the globe and we can’t wait to see them hitting the water (not literally – please remember they don’t actually float). We are creating a series of ‘how to build’ videos for those who may want a little help putting their tiny ships together but, until then, we’ve got a quick blog about orc masts!

Despite our best efforts occasionally some of the resin masts will bend slightly after being pulled out of the mould. Resin is great for catching detail but can occasionally warp slightly on thin bits. Any that are super bendy won’t have passed through our quality control but sometimes they may bend once in the box.

The good thing is, it’s super easy to fix a bent mast with just a little bit of hot water, so there’s no need to take it back to the store. To help you through this process, we’ve created a short guide detailing the steps required.

Here are a couple of bendy masts. To be honest, these wouldn’t have got through the quality control, but we thought they would be a good example of how easy it is to straighten even the bendiest of problems.

Submerge the masts in boiling water for around 20 seconds – basically until they go soft and can be bent back into shape. BE CAREFUL USING BOILING WATER!  You may even notice the masts start to bend magically back into shape while in the hot water. When you think they’re ready, pop them out with a fork or spoon – DON’T USE YOUR FINGERS.

While they’re still soft, you can ease them carefully back into shape. Don’t pull them, otherwise they may stretch.

Once you’re happy with the result, quickly plunge them into cold water. This will make sure they set properly and don’t go out of shape again.

Hooray! You’ve successfully bent your masts back into shape. Once they’re glued into position, they’ll be nice and solid.

Hopefully you can see, it’s super easy to fix any bendy masts. Of course, if you have a more serious problem (like a missing piece or broken piece) then please email [email protected]