IT’S CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY BOBBY HERE, READY TO TAKE YOU THROUGH *sound of door opening* How did you get in here? I’M TAKING CONTROL OF THE BLOG! IT’S CRAAAAAZY TIME! No, people can’t stomach you shouting at them all the time *sound of scuffling* I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO BE CRAAAAAAAAZY! *sound of door slamming*

Phew… sorry about that everyone. Normal service is resumed now and we’re going to run through a few of the great deals you’ll find on the Mantic website this Black Friday and across the Mantic Open Day Weekend.


From 8am Friday we’ll be halving the amount you need to spend to get free shipping on the website. From Friday until 9am Monday (GMT) to qualify for free shipping you only need to spend £25, €35 or $40 – remember though peeps you must live in the UK to take advantage of our UK Free Shipping Rate, Europe to use the Euro Free Shipping Rate and the US or the Rest of the World to use the Dollar Free Shipping Rate. You can see our shipping section for more details.


From 8am until 11pm (GMT) Friday we’ll be running incredible hourly deals on the Mantic website. We’re not going to spoil them all now but some of the highlights include 200 goblins for £69.99, 80 Enforcers for £39.99, etc. Most of the deals will also qualify for free shipping, so you can order multiple deals throughout the day without worrying about getting charged multiple times for shipping. Keep checking Facebook and the website on Friday to see the new deals… and we might even have a few surprises up our sleeve too.


Along with the crazy hourly deals, we’ll also have some great Weekend Deals up for grabs too. Some of the highlights here include: a Warpath Mega Force of your choice plus the rulebook collection for just £74.99, 100 Marauders for £39.99(!), Mars Attacks Stompy Robots finally make their return for £14.99, and we’ll have Walking Dead Kickstarter Editions of Wave Three and Four… plus there will be lots more too. Make sure you head to the website on Friday to view all the offers.


This is your LAST CHANCE to order the show exclusive Lee and Clementine Booster for The Walking Dead: All Out War. Lee and Clementine will be available to order all weekend. Unlike last Open Day when we had a limited amount of stock, Lee and Clementine will be on general order all weekend – however, please note the delivery may take a couple of months if we have to order in extras… we just want to make sure plenty of people have the opportunity to pick up this hugely popular set.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at what you’ll find in the three new Crazy Boxes: the Fantasy Crazy Box, the Sci-Fi Crazy Box and the Mega Crazy Box.

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