Boom indeed – we know that Dwarfs love cannons, there’s nothing more they like doing than getting up, close and personal with a blackpowder weapon (well, maybe they like swinging their warhammers in the face of Undead, Elves and orcs, but who knows eh?)

Well, our Dwarf Army features not one but three types of artillery and the first two come in the same kit! That’s right the Dwarf Ironbelcher sprue contains both the Cannon and the Organ Gun in the same kit (and yes, I did say three – but you’ll have to come back to a later blog to find out about that one!).

Click the thumbnail below for a closer look:
Dwarf Ironbelcher CannonDwarf Ironbelcher Organ GunAnd of course, they all come with crew… though of course these are the three-ups!

Dwarf Ironbelcher Crew

Three-up Crew...

Righty-ho, Dwarf Week 3 continues tomorrow with more exciting fun stuff!


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