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Brush with Death – The Winners

23rd Oct 2023

Martin Thirlwell

Hey, Martin here to bring you the winners and runners up from this year’s AMAZING Brush with Death painting competition.

The quality was once again top drawer for each category, and our independent judge had a torrid time picking the winners. Congratulations to everyone below, and thank you to each and every one of you that submitted an entry!


First Place – Dan Read

Second Place – Darek Bienkowski

Third Place – Mich Cie


Winner  – Jordan Nichols

Single Miniature

First Place – Mich Cie

Second Place – Kristoffer Lindman

Third Place – Andrei Stoianovici


First Place – Mich Cie

Second Place – Jordan Nichols

Third Place – Kristoffer Lindman

New Recruit

First Place – Antek

Second Place – Gottfrid

Third Place – Reinna

Fourth Place – Immy